Lol…a gender/diversity nightmare for someone…

Baroness Warsi is facing the prospect of a full-blown sleaze inquiry over allegations she claimed up to £2,000 in expenses while staying rent-free with a friend.

Paul Kernaghan, Lords Commissioner for Standards, said he had started a ‘preliminary assessment’ before launching what is expected to be a major investigation.

The intervention follows allegations that Lady Warsi, Conservative Party co-chairman, claimed £165 a night in accommodation expenses while staying for free with a friend during a brief period in early 2008.

The doctor who allowed Baroness Warsi to stay in his home for free told yesterday how he felt ‘stabbed in the back’ by the peer.

Dr Wafik Moustafa, 63, said he treated the Tory chairman as a member of his own family in allowing her to stay in his £1.1million home.

Dr Moustafa said as well as letting her off rent he took her out for dinners at her favourite Iranian restaurant in Hammersmith.

He said: ‘I put a roof over her head, fed her and took her out for meals, and she has stabbed me in the back.’

Never mind doc… the person that has the last laugh eh?


Now… under ethical crime recording guidance from Kittens, this should be crimed and investigated- to date…it hasn’t.

I love the top comment:

As police officer, this is what would happen if I was to claim expenses in this way – 1)Arrested, 2) House searched, 3) Suspended, 4) Lose job 5) Prosecuted, 6) Imprisoned and 7) Vilified by the press. And what will happen to her?

– A detective, Somewhere, 28/5/2012 8:19

You forgot ‘8) loose my pension…’ but well said mate…

Hey ho… Shijuro prediction about what will happen to her?

Nada, zero, nil, nowt, nothing, not a jot, a sausage…


One response to “Lol…a gender/diversity nightmare for someone…

  1. Is that Paul Kernaghan, ex-CC of Hampshire…?

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