Fat greedy doctors…

Go on strike ‘cos they can… Lol

I see that Pravda propaganda I mean the free press lol have gone after them like a dog chasing a rabbit…

I bet that was definitely not a directive err I mean an inevitable consequence of the corrupt close working relationship between Down-on-us street and the me-me-meja…

One piece of news that cheered me up (apart from Wasi facing arrest) was Coulson being charged… Lol

I wonder what Flashman thinks of that one? The most hated government of a generation…

PS…. my comment… I take the war to them now lol…

What DM? No headlines about ‘fat greedy doctors’? ahhh… I forgot… That’s only for the cops…your whipping boys – shijuronotgeorgedixonwordpresscom, home uk, 30/5/2012 20:14


– DF, Liversedge, 30/5/2012 20:27


One response to “Fat greedy doctors…

  1. Right Mr Cameron you say you’ve got an issue with your right knee?
    Yes Doctor , be a good servant and sort it pronto.
    OK Mr Cameron, if you’d like to strip off your lower clothing and bend over the exam bed.
    Come on there’s a good chap.(Doctor pulls on latex gloves)
    Right , due to cuts we’ve run out of KY, but as we’re all in this together.
    Aaaargh!!!! What are you doing Doctor?
    Just giving you some of your own medicine ………

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