Letter to Nick Herbert…

Dear Nick Herbert…

Take your half-baked, 2nd hand ‘ideas’ and shove them where the Sun does not shine.

PC Shijuro.


Run your letter through a spell check program…or better still get someone else to write it… oh, wait…you did!


4 responses to “Letter to Nick Herbert…

  1. Did he say treat us fairly. Surely he meant put in a pretense at listening to the fed then implementing all the proposals anyway.
    Sir you are a cnut……..

  2. What I don’t get, what I still cannot get is why nobody has twigged that Winsor’s policing expert Sir Edward Crew was a bought and paid for consultant to the Private Security industry. He understood policing so well that his own Fed passed a vote of no confidence in him when he was in post. He is listed as a “Strategic Consultant” of ADS Group (ADS is the trade organisation advancing the UK Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space industries) and in August 2009 he hosted ACPO to a lunch on behalf of Association of Police and Public Sector Security Suppliers.

  3. another pratt not fit to lick the boots of the men he ruled over.only got where he did because he pissed in the right pot,drank with the right people and had a good attendence record at the masons.one of many promoted several ranks to high.

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