Nice buttons?

A police community support officer has raised her superiors’ eyebrows after posting photographs of herself posing in her underwear on Facebook.

Brunette Rebecca Morris, 29, works as a PCSO for West Midlands Police patrolling the beat in Dudley.

But she also strips off her uniform and models at car shows in her spare time.

Not shy: Ms Morris described herself as a 'public figure' on Facebook
Day job: Ms Morris in her PCSO uniform
However, it won’t last… Or will it?

Chief Inspector Julian Harper, from West Midlands Police’s Professional Standards Department, said: ‘All officers and staff in West Midlands Police are advised that when they contribute to social networking sharing websites they should also take into consideration the fact they will be placing personal details into the public domain which may impact on their own privacy.

‘They are accountable for whatever they put into the public domain and may be subject to misconduct procedures should there be any inappropriate use of social media.

‘We have looked into the matter and found no cause for further action or comment. We will not confirm or refute the identity sought as it would breach privacy and data protection laws.’

In English…
“We will do you like a dog if you are a bloke, white and straight. When we come up against anyone that is not we poo our pants and run for the hills saying stuff like ‘the above…’  “
Nice buttons…

4 responses to “Nice buttons?

  1. I would still be happy to work a set of night shifts with her!!!

  2. About 10 years ago, a group of (male) Firefighters, Ambulance drivers and Police officers wished to pose for an Emergency Services calendar in aid of a children’s charity. No nudes, only bare chested, showing pecs and abs. The Fire Brigade Union were all for it as was the Ambulance Service, both supporting the view that it showed their members as publicly spirited members of society. The official Police view was it was felt it tended to reduce the image of the Police in the eyes of the public and permission was refused. In the event the calendar went ahead, with only Fire and Ambo members, and raised over £4,000. It’s suprising what 10 years difference can make – or it being men involved?

  3. Hi, I think I might be gay… Can you suggest a way to be sure?

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