Nearly 9,000 serving police ­officers, including many of senior rank, are earning money from second jobs, an investigation by the The Mail on Sunday has revealed.

Policemen and women are working as part-time ski guides, waitresses and Avon ladies.

One earns cash as an Ann Summers party organiser while another is a rear commodore in a yacht club.

The registers of police ­business interests identify a total of 8,669 ­second jobs. They include an officer in the Sussex force who has declared a financial interest in a gambling website and two Norfolk detectives who moonlight as mystery shoppers.

A chief superintendent from Surrey makes money from selling jewellery,  a Norfolk PC works part-time as a Royal Military Policeman while one officer from the Thames Valley force is a drone operator.

This compares with just 444 (1.5 per cent) of London-based policemen and women who made the same ­declaration in 2005. The Met register shows there are 30 part-time masseurs in the force as well as 26 hypnotherapists.

There are also four models, three antique ­dealers, 24 hairdressers and 48 film and television extras.


Hey Daily Troll on Sunday, I could have saved you a few bob because I know EXACTLY why people do 2nd jobs…

They need the money.

(ignoring for a minute-response boys/girls can’t really have other jobs unless they work for themselves… shifts…)

When you are in a job that has received a 30-40% pay DROP in the last year (3-year pay freeze; no CRTP; no SPP) and you have a family that want to eat, it’s inevitable that people will supplement their income.

Yes, there are people that are coining in the OT… but look at the jobs they are in: ones that have been reduced to the bone… when you are in a team of 4 and someone goes off sick…who does their work? OT won’t go away when you reduce the staff by 20%…it goes up.

I love these stories because it just shows you what a bunch of police hating trolls the DM are… they are publishing this a week after their high end journo story about ‘lazy cops’…

Err… lazy people don’t have 2-jobs.

I had a 2nd job a few years back-delivering pizzas… helped out when times got hard.

Meanwhile, dole dossers sit back laughing….


4 responses to “Moonlighting…

  1. I have put a comment on the DM site already.
    How many MP’s have second jobs?More than us as a percentage and if we get caught fiddling we get the sack.

    • I love them…

      We are called ‘lazy’ one minute and then accused of working too much???

      It’s a conspiracy…

      The gov are using the media to get their agenda home…

      Thing that make me laugh most (apart from the troll’s pathetic attempts to upset-he needs to practice on some teenagers…) is that this gov has SPENT MORE THAN THE LAST ONE!!! lol…

  2. Police officers forced to work second jobs due to savage cuts. Meanwhile overseas aid is up 34%. You couldn’t make it up.

  3. would’nt mind being a self employed hit man and I could offer a discount if the target was a ConDim.!!!

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