Freedom of speech…

Funny how freedom of speech only applies to certain people eh?

Love the story of the West Mids bobby that has been disciplined for tweeting his pride and delight at being part of a team that arrested two scumbags that are up for the brutal assault of an old dear in her home… They broke her eye socket, fractured her skullbruised her PALMS and sprayed her blood on the wall!

The bobby is young in service (apparently) and still full of the joys of arresting trash…

That will teach him eh?

More to fear from your own management than criminals?

Welcome to the modern police…


5 responses to “Freedom of speech…

  1. It is actions like this that persuaded me that elected Police Commissioners just cannot be worse than today’s senior officers! Can they????

    • Well…when you see officers being done for dangerous driving BY THEIR OWN SMT, when there were NO complaints and NO accidents!!! I wonder if we have got it wrong… and elected commissioners may give a little power back to the people…

      My only fear is that some nutcase will get in… or some old boy that hates the cops…

      Err… ‘cos that would be so different from what we have now…err… ok…err…

  2. Sorry Shij I can’t agree with you on this one for a change.The PC is an idiot for commenting until charges were laid.And why oh why are the police on twitter?
    If you look up the PC’s name then you will realise why he isn’t getting disciplined,unlike if you or I had done this faux pas.

  3. pete the plod

    You cannot have your cake and eat it , some forces now have there own facebook/tweet page that they ask you to provide positive input too , requests for info , good news stories yadayadayada… what exactly is the difference ?Maybe the way it is said …….Community police arrest male for violent assault on elderly female …….or ……reality ……………………cops do what we are pay to do and arrest completely conciousless f**ktard for vicious granny bashing attack , cops thereafter unfortunately have to curb enthusiasm to prevent them dishing out the social justice that the public are crying out for against the pondlife that will be given useless community sentence/payback order because the system has failed to give him a job/house/enough benefits /free speech/methadone…………we joined to protect the vulnerable , by christ we should rejoice when we actually get to arrest one of the circling sharks ………..breath!!!

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