The right to free speech…

There is a call to get rid of Section 5 of the Public Order Act… ”using insulting words or behaviour” in a public place…

Theresa May is being urged to reform a controversial law which bans ‘insulting words or behaviour’ amid mounting evidence that it is strangling free speech.

Campaigners say the Public Order Act is being abused by over-zealous police and prosecutors to arrest Christian street preachers, critics of Scientology, gay rights campaigners and even students making jokes.

Currently, Section 5 of the 1986 Act outlaws ‘insulting words or behaviour’, but what constitutes ‘insulting’ is unclear and has resulted in a string of controversial arrests.

Controversial in the context of the people being arrested … lol it’s rare to find people that want to be arrested for their bad behaviour…
Ignoring the fact that you can’t really be arrested for POA sec 5 unless you have been warned to stop-and you carry on- removing such legislation won’t make a difference either way to ANY freedom of speech argument.
Well… you can say anything now and get away with it…
The Daily Troll does it EVERY DAY…
They forget (conveniently) that freedom goes hand in hand with RESPONSIBILITY.
The responsibility to behave in a civilised manner? To understand that actions have consequences? That some consequences are painful?
I wonder how these ‘freedom of speech is being threatened’ types would feel about me walking up to them in Pizzahut as they ate lunch with their kids and I stood in front of them saying “CUNT! CUNT! CUNT! YOU ARE A FUCKING CUNT! A CUNT!”
Would they be ok with that?
Or I wore a T-shirt with the phrase “I HATE NIGGERS”?
Ok with that?
I bet they would be on the ‘phone to the cops in DOUBLE QUICK TIME… urging us to make a ‘controversial’ arrest…
These people are stupid, self-serving prigs.
Last word to some protesters that don’t really understand the irony of their placard…

5 responses to “The right to free speech…

  1. To be honest, your ‘T’-shirt would get you arrested under racial offences. On the other hand, you are spot on. Despite the reported over-zealousness of the Police officer who arrested a student for calling his horse ‘gay’, if I were to approach Charlie Brookes and say that his wife is a saggy titted witch, he would want the Police to do something about it (apart from burning her at the stake or sitting her on a ducking stool). The important part of the Act, as you mention, states that the offence must continue after being warned, though none of the papers, or the media have mentioned that little bit. I rather fancy standing outside the local mosque with a placard saying “I have the right to believe that your beliefs are a load of bollocks” and see if S.5 POA stands up.

  2. Brief Encounter

    Dear Shiju…

    Have you heard from the ‘Guv’, getting a bit worried as he hasn’t created a new thread on his blog. Maybe the Winsor Special Agents have captured him?


  3. Brief Encounter

    Stand down the guards we’ve found him.

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