Fat, lazy, useless, elf and safety droid, violent cops in action again…

This time first to the scene of a boating accident in Warwickshire.

Along with a local chap, Mr Mynott, the officers WENT INTO THE WATER, and eventually managed to pull two of them to safety, including a little girl who was caught in a life ring by her feet.

The officers and another local gave CPR to the two children saved-sadly the other two and their father drowned.

Of course…

The events described above don’t fit into the image of Police officers the government have handed down to the Street of Shame to push at every opportunity.

Hence the singular absence of interviews and news reports-too busy talking about Rebekka ‘LOL-DC’…

They really are the scum between my toes…

Funny, I don’t see many news stories about corrupt foreign politicians- they exist of course… just the State Sponsered Media  (I can’t separate the two any more) are too ashamed when we have some of the most corrupt politicians in the world.

When you hear they threw away £100,000,000 on a MISTAKE about which fighter planes to order after BEING TOLD BY THOSE THAT KNOW-you realise they are dumb too.


One response to “Fat, lazy, useless, elf and safety droid, violent cops in action again…

  1. Sack him and take away his gold-plated pension……..oh hold on sorry I thought I was reading the Daily Mail website for a minute by mistake.

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