Those bullets were ‘rubbery’…

Well… I thought it had gone a bit quiet on the ‘anti-Police front’ but it was the calm… The Beeb have put out a story about the MET and baton rounds…

Police began “stockpiling” rubber bullets – responsible for fatalities in Northern Ireland – after the London riots, a BBC investigation suggests.

The month before last August’s riots, the Metropolitan Police held just 700 baton rounds.

But by December 2011, the number had jumped more than 14 times to more than 10,024, a Freedom of Information request shows.

The Met is expected to comment later on Thursday.

Baton rounds have never been used to quell disorder on the mainland of the UK.

But an ex-Metropolitan Police Commander told the BBC the huge rise suggested a change of policy on the weapons and an increased willingness to use them.

Helpfully, the Beeb has tracked down several victims of the rounds in Northern Ireland – all of whom responded with horror to the idea of rubber bullets being used in England.


Here is a few tips for potential ‘victims’ of Police ‘brutality’ and those that fear being shot by wubba-buwetts:






6 responses to “Those bullets were ‘rubbery’…

  1. Lauren Crawford.

  2. The baton rounds used in NI were not the same as the new AEP,s which have what is effectively a ‘soft’ nose and are are lower velocity. All as a result of the bleating over baton rounds.
    As usual the press are shit at their job and just make it up based on poorly researched information.

  3. Some more experienced ladies in NI complained about the original ‘rubber bullets’ which were not supplied with batteries.had to be operated by hand.- so they would have been disappointed to learn current type also have a soft tip and slower delivery..

  4. Having recently completed another Level-2 refresher we received a talk on AEP (Attenuating Energy Projectiles) often called rubber bullets. They are not the same as the ones fired in NI, the NI version was a solid rubber projectile. The MPS version is a squidgy tipped projective which will NOT cause the damage of the NI projectiles. Figures provided to us on the training day showed that all deployments of the new tipped-projectiles have not caused any fatalities – and they have been used on more deployments than anyone of us realised.

    More importantly, I cannot see how this shoddy BBC article is even in the public interest. The citizens of Londinium were crying out for the ARMY to take charge and stop the rioting last August… so WTF is the BBC whingeing on about when less-lethal options exist, can be and have been used?

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