Guess not everyone loves the Queen eh?

Medals handed to members of the Forces, police and the Royal household have been placed on eBay just days after they were presented by the Queen.

At least 30 of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal have been sold on the internet auction site, with the latest one selling for £350. 

Some are accompanied by comments such as ‘Genuine full-sized medal issued to me’ and ‘Issued this week in a very nice presentation box’.

Cash for honours: The Queen Diamond's Jubilee medals are selling on eBay

Geoff Ogden, a former Chief Superintendent who once led the CID at Humberside Police, said he was appalled the medal apparently meant so little.

He said: ‘An integral part of being in the police service is having authority under the Crown for the protection of life and property.

‘If you don’t have that pride of working under the Crown, particularly at a time of jubilee like this, then I wonder whether they have got pride in the police service at all.

‘I’m appalled by it and I think 99.9 per cent of officers will be appalled by it. If I was still serving I would use disciplinary procedures to deal with this matter.’

Yes I bet you would Geoff… and that attitude is one of the reasons people hate a lot of what goes on in the job now… Thank fluff you are retired.

 I think the question that needs to be asked here is…”why are they being sold?”


Well… you can only wear them at ceremonial gigs and since we aren’t issued with dress uniform anymore (because there aren’t any gigs and court security is crap so we need full kit whwn attending…) why not sell the gong and just wear the ribbon?

Or it’s a silent protest against the constant attack on our livelihoods by an uncaring government from a group of people without a voice?


It’s economics… When you have a £200-500 pay cut PER-MONTH to deal with, it’s VERY tempting to sell… “holiday with the kids or… medal in a box I don’t wear?”

Mmmm….big math.

I will be keeping mine… for my boys…


The Department for Culture, Media and Sport said: ‘The Diamond Jubilee medals are issued on behalf of Her Majesty as a mark of thanks to those in key front-line services.

‘It is very disappointing to think that some of those so honoured have decided to take this action.

‘However, as long as the medals in question were legitimately acquired by those trying to sell them, then doing so is not unlawful.’

Not unlawful Geoff… that makes it LAWFUL… so, discipline away-it would do you no good… fucking Ruperts…is it any wonder we have low morale with Herberts like that at ACPO wank? 

<P>Former detective chief superintendent Geoff Ogden.</P>

Former detective chief superintendent Geoff (on my arse/Stanley) Ogden…


9 responses to “Guess not everyone loves the Queen eh?

  1. Spot on………the Daily Mail were howling about this yesterday.Can’t see it’s any of their business what we do with our private property.
    I’m trying to sell my long service medal,just trying to find someone with exactly the same name as mine.
    PC Alousis Winklebottom.

  2. I am amazed that anyone would want to pay so much for it, given how many of them are gonig to be given out.
    Certainly not gonig to sell mine – likely to be the only tangible thing that I get from working with the Police anyway!

  3. Aren’t the medals awarded for service to the Crown and to sell them is an insult to the Crown? Perhaps those selling them shouldn’t have been given them in the first place. No doubt in a few years time they’ll be trying to obtain replacements.

  4. silly old arsehole god help the cops he was’s pratts like him that helped ruin the job.

  5. “Selling” ones Service medals has been fairly common for 100+ years – at least for retired personnel (was it ever a “Queen’s Regs offence” NOT to wear them on parades &c?)

    It is wearing without authority that is an insult – to genuine recipients.

  6. OT I’m afraid, but I couldn’t resist this ‘contribution’ to Community Safety & Satisfaction on the Holloway Estate in Camden – by getting additional Police Patrols in the area to “reassure residents and deter any further anti-social behaviour.”

    \\ A group of people, who are not from estate, began gathering there earlier this year and residents complained about loud music, smoking drugs and verbal abuse.

    The council had prepared legal injunctions against 13 people to ban them from the area, and 10 had been served this month.

    But those 10 were also given paperwork including a log of all calls reporting anti-social behaviour, with names, phone numbers and street or estate names if they were given.\\

    (The Council seem very sorry – and are going try not to do it again)

  7. I will probably end up selling mine, no disrespect to HM. Doubt she will be overly bothered about it, bigger things to think of etc.
    Mine will be sold as outlined above, financial reasons, but also because i am somewhat depressed at what the service has become. It is a job, like any other. Do plumbers, bakers, factory workers etc get any medals…of course not. Why should we be given them when in a few years time it will be Group4 Joe Bloggs on slightly more than minimum wage?
    I am glad the retired officer is upset at the common oiks selling their medals, they do mean little when you are reduced to selling them when you have just had your pay and conditions slashed. Would he have been happy to give up his pension in lieu of a shiny medal? Respect your opinion Sir, just disagree entirely.

  8. Cnunt! Typical old style boss, go moan about it down the Con club.
    Sell shiny thing given for turning up for work, even to those who hide from it, to pay for something you need, no problem.
    Wonder how much a matching boxed pair 50/60 years would be worth……

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