West Mids Police get tough with sickies…

My deep cover agent in the West Mids Police (thanks Karl… šŸ˜‰ ) tells me people have begun to receive nice letters from those nice people in HR informing them that their sickness levels are poor and they are being ‘monitored’…

He sent his back with a note along the lines of, “since I haven’t had a day off in 8-years you are having a Steffi-Graff…”

He has not received anything back yet… (HR don’t do sorry…).

I suspect we will see more of this kind of bullying in the workplace-and that’s what it is, bullying.

In my experience, the ‘bosses’ and HR are VERY careful as to whom they bully though.

It’s usually IC1, hetro, males or females.

Very rare that ‘target group’ is avoided-we all know why…it’s career suicide to pick on a minority… even if they are crap and behave unlawfully. This is because, once that grievance goes in-it’s on their file and they don’t like going to promotion boards and saying the words: “yes, we had a personality clash’ or ‘that was an error of judgement’…They much prefer, ‘I have not been grievanced for any decisions I have made because I am so nice…’ .

The bullying about sick leave is, of course, to keep you at work…even if you are not well enough to be at work.

Of course, if you err…say, crashed a car on nights because you came to work with the ‘flu and your Night Nurse meds made you sleepy- you would be on your own.

They would distance themselves from you so fast you would hear the sonic boom.

So why are they so interested in sickness levels all of a sudden it seems?

Well, when you spill your guts on national TV to the effect that the force is performing BETTER now with a 20% cut, people being off and not working is just not on eh Chiefy?

Apparently, if you have more than 3-periods of illness or sick leave in a 12-month period, HR tell you that you need a doctors note for every period of sickness!

Also… you face being put on to Unsatisfactory Performance Plans!


The future’s bright…


2 responses to “West Mids Police get tough with sickies…

  1. It’s not only HR Police unfortunately. Last year I heard that an ex-colleague (still in the Police) was injured by the driver of a stolen car driving at him, causing leg, hip and rib injuries. I went down to the hospital ward he was in and discovered 4 other people around his bed (only one was nicking the grapes so he must have been the copper!). While we were chatting a rather officious nurse came up and told us there were only 2 people allowed at a time by a patient’s bed. I was happy to leave but that left his wife, his parents and a work colleague to decide amongst themselves who would wait in the corridor. While we discussing this, the family of another patient came into the ward. There were seven of them, 5 being adults. Despite walking past them several times, the nurse made no effort to tell them of the number restrictions. My mate is white while the other patient was Afro-Carribbean. As I was leaving, I nodded to the group and said to the nurse, “Are you going to tell them, or shall I?” It’s strange how few nurses (and security) in hospitals have a sense of humour!

  2. They must have changed the rules since I left in 2006, not west Mids but it used to be 3 periods of injury/sickness in 3 years not totalling more than 10 days for self certification. Have the regulations changed?

    Those leg taking HR civvies Mon to Fri I suppose have to justify their existance.

    Where I served, if you called HR with regard to a course,application, the phone would ring and ring ….

    Send them an email… instant response

    Police officers are human and get injured or succumb to bugs

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