What planet is this bloke from?

Not Earth for sure… perhaps here?

GJ581g-quite a way from Earth...if only he was still there...








Children should be taught to stand up when their parents or teacher walks into the room, David Cameron said yesterday.

In a speech on handing more power to schools, the Prime Minister called for a return to ‘real discipline’.

He said: ‘Give headteachers and their staff the freedom to teach and run their schools; give parents greater choice and transparency about schools and their results and you can see fantastic outcomes.

"OK, hands up I admit it! I'm an idiot-without a clue about the real world..."









‘Call me Dave’ didn’t actually expand on his definition of ‘real discipline’ I suspect it’s in the same Newspeak dictionary of ‘double-think’ he got ‘robust policing’ from…

When we have a generation of people that have been taught that nothing they do will incur any meaningful consequences and anyone that tries (teachers, Police-even parents) is likely to be arrested, loose their job etc. how can we follow his ‘brilliant idea’?



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