News roundup…


Yes, folks porn is bad for you etc… the powerful lobbyists at ‘MumsNet’ support the compulsory blocking of ‘naughtyness coming into your home’ (is that an euphemism?)… I do too-no need for it…although it would stop trolls from having any kind of sex life…however, they have forgotten the amount of money involved… so, it won’t happen.


sounds like what you say before a magic trick- and Kittens would like nothing more than to see him disappear…but she May (lol) have screwed it up… by being late in chucking him out… (two years too late…).

Anti-Police story no1. Street robbery is up!

Even the Police admit it! (although most Chiefs-eyeing those QPM’s and nice jobs after ‘retiring’ still DENY it!)… I wonder why? Anyone would think there are less cops or something…wait for the spin and BS from ‘Nick-Nick’ and Kittens…

Another reason to hate them?

This was a story about windfarms and not the Tories… of course we hate windfarms! They don’t use fossil fuels that can be taxed!

A woman that says ‘biscuit’ 900-times an hour!

Well, that’s nothing… I say ‘fcuking’ and ‘the’ more than that… mind you it is before the word ‘government’…

Anti-Police story No2. Police draw silly pictures of suspects…

Missing the points that: the police don’t draw them…artists do and…they rely on the WITNESS-also, not a police officer… other than that… spot on… of course never let facts get in the way of your government backed  campaign of hate eh?

Anti-police story no3. cops taser a man ‘cos his is black’…

The taser was used because of racially motivated factors… odd when two of the cops involved are also black… ouch…owned…





One response to “News roundup…

  1. Re- porn. Even by “Dilly-Wail” standards, this is a quite remarkable bit of ‘reportage’
    [It is self-evident that the behavioural changes noted were NOTHING WHATEVER to do with family issues that concerned this “particularly concerned” mother – \\Almost six months went by and still I could find no answer. Charlie was still very much a small boy. He didn’t have a hair on his chin and his voice was high and unbroken. So it wasn’t some kind of hormonal reaction to becoming an adolescent. And the doctor assured us he wasn’t physically ill.
    Maybe it was a family issue. My husband, Mike, and I were going through a rough patch, as most couples do at one time or another. We weren’t the screaming and shouting kind, but there was a sullen gulf of silence opening up between us.\\]

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