The DM once more bring cutting edge journalism to the masses by revealing that “golden girl” Yvette Cooper did a FOI request with the 46 Police forces (opps-services-opps crime client service providers) to find out how many cops have been axed from the front line…

I vaguely remember a similar story from a couple of month back because half of the Constabularies refused to comply with the FOI- presumably because the results were so bad.

I was going to post the story, but it’s gone!

Removed… I suspect by the editor-not wishing to give the cops ANY excuse for lack of response…

Included in the story was an increase in violent crime by 11%…

Of course, “little-Nick” and Kittens were quick to point out it was all lies and made up, unlike the trustworthy figures provided by the government.


Found a version on Sky News…

Ms Cooper said earlier: “This steep fall in the frontline teams who respond to 999 calls just goes to show how damaging it is for the Government to cut 16,000 police officers.
“We have consistently said the Government needs to change course and that frontline services are being hit by the 20% cut to police funding.
“The evidence is stacked against the Government and against their bogus claims about protecting frontline policing.”
A Home Office spokesperson said: “These are not official figures and we don’t recognise them.
“The reality is independent reports have shown police can reduce costs while protecting the frontline and according to official statistics and police plans, the proportion of officers on the frontline is rising.
“We’ve reversed the policies of the past to get police out of back-office roles and back on the streets.
“Official figures show that since March 2010, we’ve seen 500 more officers on the frontline as work is done across all 43 forces to reduce the more than 23,500 warranted police officers in backroom posts.”


Love the story about the lesbian PCSO recruited BECAUSE she was a lesbian to provide a ‘valuable link to the tight knit lesbian community” (note the use of community…

oh yes…she certainly was valuable … to the people that got PNC checks out of her…

Mmm… I thought recruiting people because of their orientation was unlawful?

Oh I forgot… only if they DON’T get what they want…


13 responses to “Shock…

  1. Special Dibble taken out by UAF Signals Partzans headed by Commisar Broxted and Lt-Gen Rehill. ALL POWER TO THE WORKERS COUNCIL!

  2. Acquittals in Alfie trial. YESSSS!!!!

  3. “…PS… it’s part-i-zans…”

    Actually, it is: “partisans”.

    Never mind, at least you tried.

    You dummy.

    (PS: How did the recent teaching job application go? LOL!!!!!)

  4. Partizan. I believe my Russian, German and Slovak are better than yours.

  5. I never said Polish. Actually your family being Polish explains a lot. Your tiny brain, your far right schick, your part time job cleaning toilets. Psiakrew, Korva cie.

  6. Could ‘K McEgan’ please make all comments in a language other than English – they would be MUCH easier to ignore.

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