Fame … I’m gonna live forever …

Well now I probably have heard it all…

Reflecting ????

Read please…


Note my comment at no2…


4 responses to “Fame … I’m gonna live forever …

  1. Ommmmmmm, Ommmmmmm, Ommmmmmmm. I feel better already.

  2. It would probably shock them to discover that this is what pubs are for.

  3. Sorry for ‘OT’ – but .here’s a “Policy” to file under – ‘That could have gone better’….
    Lisa Stapley, 39, was recruited by North Wales Police under a positive discrimination programme because of her sexuality but recruiters failed to spot that she had an unusual dependency on others and “desire to please”.
    Yesterday Stapley, dubbed ‘Lisa Filth’ by her friends because of her work for the force, was jailed for ten months at Mold Crown Court yesterday after she admitted four charges of misconduct in public office.
    She had repeatedly accessed police computers and passed information on to members of Wrexham’s closely knit lesbian community, the court heard….

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