Chase the IP…

So, Mr Jones goes out on the lash on Saturday night…

He gets hammered and decides to walk home… as he approaches the next pub he inadvertently tells someone to ”go forth and multiply”… that surprised him…but not as much as the fist delivered to his face a few moments later when Mr Smith ‘retorts’.

Mr Jones calls the Cops.

A cop arrives (carefully following the speed limit and being mindful not to upset MOPS by creating a poor perception in their minds- I am off for my ‘tele-psychic course Tuesday…)…

Mr Jones gives details and an area search begins that fails to locate the offender.

Mr Jones cannot have a statement taken as he is lashed to the point of oblivion- and is given a lift home following the usual details being obtained.

A crime reference for Sec47 Assault is generated-an admin record to track the work done with this crime is also created and sent to the Investigation Team.

Fast forward to Monday morning.

The investigation team calls Mr Jones- mobile off…message left.

And Tuesday…

And Wednesday…

And Thursday…

A letter is sent-no response… but why? Well Mr Jones recovered from his hang-over and has remembered what he did… and that he was partly responsible… So now shame and the magnificent apathy that affects the UK so deeply, creates a complete lack of any desire to continue with the investigation.

Of course, a crime ref has been created-and…an admin record that is now beginning to upset the sarge because it has gone to a different colour indicating lack of action on our part…

We go around to the house again- no answer at the door…so a card is left.

Now, you might say at this point: “enough already! Leave a card saying ‘that’s all folks’ and close the report”…

Nope… no can do.

We have to play this stupid game until we see the idiotic Mr Jones- and take some kind, any kind of statement, to say he don’t want to pursue… if we do anything else we face BIGGO-CRAPPO, discipline, etc. etc. etc…

I have known this go on for weeks… yes…weeks.

Oh but what if it’s a serious crime? Sure. Rape etc… we shouldn’t be giving up after a couple of goes eh?

But theft… minor drunken assaults…



4 responses to “Chase the IP…

  1. The force I work for, allows for “REASONABLE” enquiries. If someone fails to respond, we can post a letter informing if no response is received within 7 days the case will be filed!

  2. That’s where the new system wins GP4S would’nt have taken a report in the first place he would have been told to fcuk off kicked up the arse and sent on his way.See everyones a winner.Not daft these politicians.

  3. “I suppose” – that a victim of assault can decline to give evidence for any reason (or none)?

    Yes this IS a Waily-Mail report, but the Recorder’s remark is “in quotes”
    Prosecutor Mr Alex Allsop said the Crown wished to offer no evidence after reviewing the case and receiving representations from the officer.
    Recorder Linford said: ‘I shall make a not guilty verdict and it is better I say nothing about Sgt Ruston’s position.’

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