I hate to say “I told you so…” but….

Notorious: Pamela Somerville says the publicity sparked by an incident in which she was injured in the cells of a police station has led to death threatsdrunk driver-Pamela Somerville


A woman who was dragged across the floor of a police station by a custody sergeant received death threats because of the notoriety of the case, a court heard today.

Pamela Somerville, 60, was captured on CCTV being thrown head-first on to the concrete floor of a cell by Wiltshire Police Sergeant Mark Andrews.

She had been detained at the police station in Melksham for failing to provide a sample for a breath test after being found asleep in her car. The charges were later dropped.

The July 2008 incident, which made headlines across the world, was brought up in court as Somerville appealed against a drink-driving conviction.

Somerville was challenging a 16-month driving ban imposed at Bath Magistrates’ Court in January after admitting a charge of driving while unfit through drink or drugs.

She was ordered to pay a £400 fine and £645 court costs, which she was also appealing against.

Bristol Crown Court heard that since the story of her treatment at the hands of Sergreant Andrews broke, Somerville had lost her job as a medical sales rep.

She had received death threats and the fallout from the case had left her suffering from mental health problems. Now the driving ban had left her a ‘prisoner in her own home’.


OK… Let me re-write that with to take into account the err.. truth…

A woman that got away with a previous arrest for being drunk in charge has today be potted for being drunk whilst driving.

Well, Fcuk my old boots, never saw that coming, no sir, glad I was sitting down…

This woman is dangerous. As dangerous as any criminal I have met- she thinks she is OK… this woman could be driving pissed into your missus and kids, brother/sister or parents/friends…

A word of advise Jules….

When you get caught drink driving or caught pissed up at the wheel of your car: go quietly, don’t wind up everyone involved (including the Police doctor)…

Oh and just take it on the chin… before your delusional nutty self-important thinking about getting pissed in a car gets someone killed…


5 responses to “I hate to say “I told you so…” but….

  1. Let’s guess what will happen here.I predict she will appeal due to her “beating” on her previous arrest which has caused her alcohol problems.

  2. I predict her appeal will be based on her “beating” by the police previously, pushing her into alcoholism.

  3. “Prisoner in her own home”!!! Is there a reason she can’t use Buses and trains like everyone else who does not have a car?

  4. No No No you have it all wrong. It was the other drver that was to blame for the collision not this lady who is very capabale of driving with just a few glasses of wine. You just don’t like her and she is now a prisoner in her own home.

    I think she needs to be.

  5. has the silly cow never heard of a taxi
    so much cheaper than getting banged up

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