Awkward moments no.322

“Good morning everyone”

“Good morning Sofie.

Can I have quick word in my office please?”


Update… From GT Stewart…

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Personal tweets are not the views of GT Stewart:

GT Stewart is aware that recent comments made by Sophie Khan on her personal Twitter account have caused a great deal of reaction. We understand that offence has been taken by many who have responded directly to the firm. We wish to make it clear that any opinions expressed by Sophie Khan or any other member of this firm on their personal Twitter accounts are not in any way shared or endorsed by this firm.


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8 responses to “Awkward moments no.322

  1. I’m not sure she will get a bollocking.It could go either way.Her boss might think it’s great publicity for the firm as they are by definition anti-police.The only down side may be total lack of co-operation from the police next time they represent a client.I have had dealings with this company (but not Khan specifically) and they are no better or worse than any other ambulance chasers.

  2. Funny, but I can’t see the police taking such a easy going attitude to a member of staff with such racist and bigoted views…

  3. At the moment she is trying to out Insp Gadget. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ etc

  4. 1) still nothing on MSM
    2) sack the bitch

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