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Well it’s been quite a couple of weeks, eh readers?

“uncle Tom” Winsor’s report …and the Federation’s proposal to ballot on the right to strike…

I have tried to gauge the feelings of my local nick by just asking people what they think.

My own dept (Force CID) were VERY clear.

Not only do they want the right to strike and work to rule, they expressed a desire to use it immediately to ‘fcuk up the Olympics’ as one lady said succinctly.

I spoke a couple of tired looking response girls, after the tirade of ‘f’ and ‘c’ words used to describe the ‘Kittens’ and ‘Uncle Tom’ the result was the same…

I asked 15-uniformed officers and my fellow DC’s… all had the same response…

After they calmed down, it was ‘don’t want to-but they have pushed us too far!’ that I heard the most…

 I also heard a lot of people saying ‘the Federation are fcuking useless’ and ‘if they don’t get it for us- we should ‘Blue Flu’ the games’

For those not in the know, Blue Flu is a technique used by the NYPD to upset the bosses…they all call in sick simultaneously on the same day…

The mayor was on TV within the hour…

Same with the Canadian Police Strike-two hours after it was confirmed the Police had not shown up for work, it was ‘mayor on TV begging them to come back’ time…

My own feelings are clear on this: I won’t strike.


Two things occur to me…

1. What a state of affairs to be in? Police officers? Striking? TALKING about striking OPENLY?

2. I have never in 22-years heard Officers so ANGRY…so VENGEFUL and so DETERMINED…

I hope Kittens sees sense…

heh…I doubt it though eh?


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  1. VerySpecialConstable


  2. VerySpecialConstable

    Not sure if first or not? OK so my thoughts are this. I know you say you won’t strike and ultimately I’m not in your position so I don’t really have to think about this quite the same as you do. I quite understand your feelings that it would be wrong and it does go against the grain and the fibre of British Policing. It would be the first strike for nearly 100 years and the second only in the history of the modern service in this country. However I believe that not only do police officers need to consider the strike issue because of pay and pensions but also to protect the office of constable. That one the face of it does not make sense. Protect the office of constable by going against what said office represents and stands for. But if Imelda and call me Dave can push though Winsor nearly unchallenged by the PAT process then you have to wonder what else might get pushed though. Bear in mind the implications of Winsor II which are particularly damaging. It is important that they are stopped before they destroy the interdependent office of constable. If it means regular officers have to gain the right to strike and threaten to use it and be prepared to put their money where their mouth is then so be it. Ideally it would never come to such a thing. As far as I can see though we need Tom “I couldn’t make the trains run on time” Winsor’s reports scratched and a royal commission on policing.

    I’m anti-disaffection yo and you shouldn’t take heed of my ramblings you naughty naughty crown servant you. We can’t have you being unhappy because of something someone posted online, that won’t do.

    • I am ok with reform.

      Sometimes reform is a necessary step towards getting it right.

      I would LOVE to see reform.

      1.Get rid of all ranks above Inspector except Chief Superintendent and have one per group of Local Policing Units.
      (weekends, after 5pm Inspectors are in charge anyway-what would be lost? Nothing I can see…)
      2.Reform arrest and court procedure. Booking in to be done in 10-20 mins instead of 30-60. Large ‘county-lockup’ style
      holding prisons built. They would have: lots of cells; interview rooms; on-standby solicitors; nurses; social worker;
      drug referral team and…a small court for those ‘it’s a fair cop’ moments… Local cells are ONLY holding areas until
      County van picks you up…
      3.All officers that leave the station armed with: taser; 9mm-pistol; Pepper/CS;nice big baton- and wearing head cams…
      4.All police vehicles fitted with: in car camera-activated when someone put into rear; cages and easy to wash,
      hard to hide stuff in, hard plastic seating.
      5.All police vehicles fitted with ANPR/PNC/INTEL/MAPPING/Command and Control Terminal…

      A typical arrest might be like this:

      Patrol car sent to Domestic job received via in car terminal…
      Arrive and speak to caller Mrs Jones says her sister Janet has clunked her in the face-arrest Janet for assault.
      Put in car- Janet not happy and kicks off…camera starts recording to removable data chip or streamed back to base.
      Officers are not in danger as the cage is VERY strong and she just gets tired…
      Arrive at County.
      Take her from the car, requires a taser threat…she complies and goes into county.
      Officers explain arrest reason- download video of: arrest; travel to the county jail …
      Janet lodged.
      The above is recorded and made available to CPS/Defence/Court…
      Nurse makes triage…Janet is pissed…given bed for the night.
      Following an interview by the prisoner handling team and advise from the in-house solicitor (who has seen the videos
      of arrest, injury, explaination of offence by Mrs Jones), Janet admits the offence and is taken before the in house court.
      She receives a fine and a course in alcohol/anger management.
      If Janet says she didn’t do it… she is offered bail and a 2-month court date with a £10,000 surety.
      Janet can’t afford it so a bond is issued by the Court bonds-person.
      If Janet attends she returns the bond…if she don’t a bounty hunter hunts her down…he next appearance in court
      is for a remand.

      Sound ok?

  3. I’ve seen a lot of public blogs where people are saying the police must not be alloed to strike, some going as far to say all public sector workers should be banned from striking.

    The point is, unions and industrial rights were brought in to protect workers against abuse. Ok Officer, we are in a bit of a mess with our nations finances, i’m not going to let the lifestyle of my banker mates pay for it… far do i push you…

    Are you ok with me knocking your wage down to £10,000…remember your conscience, protect the public etc. Oh the pension you paid for, well you are not gonna get it…..why should you get a gold-plated pension and all that. You can have the state pension.

    Just how far can i push you before you make a stand….will you work for free? will you pay the state to work….

  4. You have to sit on Janet in the back of a painted but otherwise normal saloon car, to keep her away from the driver.
    You get a complaint for excessive use of force
    Custody Sarge sends you to A and E with Janet cos there’s no nurse on hand, the duty social worker is an expert in caring for the elderly and is 60 miles away.
    Gatekeeper / Prosecutor won’t let you charge her until you have a full file completed and custody won’t hold her until you have completed paperwork.
    She gets released pending, doesn’t turn up at court and you get a workflow telling you to bring her to court, where she will get bailed again, and won’t turn up at court until you get sent for her again.

    All good fun innit???

  5. I have a real concern that none of this appears to be reaching the media- apart from a bit about compulsory fitness tests. If we want the publics support, this pile of s*!t that Winsor has written needs to be made really out in the open so that the decent law abiding majority are made fully aware of what is happening to their Police. All the fed seems to be doing is writing letters to MPs who aren’t taking any notice!! It is time to start taking some other form of action to make people notice. Friends of mine – not in the job- had no idea that this was happening until I told them.

  6. 1, 3 and 5 definitely.

    2 and 4 , only if we had bosses/politicians who supported us instead of shafting us when things don’t look good on youtube/ defend ourselves. Also, the social work/drug aspect maybe only for first timers. Recidivists are on their own with no legal representation except at their own cost in my world.

    In relation to the arrest. I’d say that in the majority of such domestic rubbish that discretion by way of apology and or a “manual” caution would be best (saves a fortune and these people are only bothered for 5 minutes until Jez Kyle comes on). I am not talking about serious and genuine (ie very rare) DV.

  7. The bosses don’t give a flying fcuk about the lower ranks they only see us as a means to an end to get themselves futher up the greasy pole.But be under no illusion when they were Pc’s they were mostly bone idle lazy bastards hanging on the coat tails of decent hard working officers trying to do a decent job.
    The last thing these buggers wanted to do was any police work and were certainly not adverse to stabbing some hard working copper in the back to futher their promotion prospects
    Most of the senior officers i knew did all their studying sat in a panda out the way somewhere.I knew one guy who eventually became a staff officer who used to lock himself in the panda if there was any trouble and let the poor Pc box on alone.
    What was the expression Lions led by cnuts sorry donkeys.

  8. There is a lot to be said for the case of psychological examination for those going up the ladder. Dysfunctional types who lack empathy can wrought a lot of damage. Just look at ACPO now, it is all about what they need.

    It is not a call for right to strike, but industrial rights. I want the right to be able to not be forced to work longer than 14 hours at a time etc.

    • And forced to work patterns that involve 54-72 hours pet week by using 16-week averages to get around the Working Time Directives…

      And being forced to move stations because you piss off a member of SMT…

      We need some industrial firepower …

  9. I do not understand Industrial rights..employment law etc….but do we still have the option for constructive dismissal and workplace bullying. Yes they can get rid of us for financial reasons, but the finger could be pointed at any officer.

    If they came after me, my PNB will be full of entries highlighting unreasonable expectations and then i would be saying, get rid of one of thos superintendents instead of me…you will save more.
    Was it west mercia who had to take a Policewoman back into the job the other year who had left because of depression? They could end up spending more money on trying to sack officers and paying compensation when they fall foul. The bosses should then be sued for victimisation.
    Could be an unholy mess.

  10. But a ‘tribunal’ ruled that west mercia had to take back a policewoman who had left the force with depression, only to be told by her doctor that she could carry on working. Her bosses refused to have her back but in the end she won.

  11. Nor mine….but it may end up being very important to us. Maybe in time the Fed can organise surgeries with solicitors in employment law.

  12. It’s a matter of time; it’s obvious the pushing won’t stop. In the words of Bill Hicks: How far up your ass does the dick have to be before you realise you’re getting fucked?

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