Clear enough?

Just in case any of my readers are wondering where I may stand on industrial action…

I will not strike…

I don’t care what happens or how bad it gets.

I won’t strike.

I am not a plumber.

I am a Police officer…and Police officers do not strike.

We need to be more cunning than that. I have a couple of ideas.

1. take advantage of the worldwide publicity of the games…and make sure with peaceful, off-duty protests that our message gets out to the foreign media.

2. individuals need to follow exactly what the SMT want us to do… and I mean exactly…that may cause more problems than striking…

For starters?


14 responses to “Clear enough?

  1. Derek G Haslam, 9 Lynn Rd. PE38.

    If you went on strike who would notice? Gossip from NHS, after the murder of Tomlinson you came “that” close to nurses not tending to you in hospitals.

  2. I went on strike once Shij and nobody noticed………….

  3. I, on the other hand, will.

  4. Deputy to the Law


    I took an oath to perform my duties as long as I hold the Office of Constable. Windsor 2 seeks to make me nothing more than an employee and not a Servant of the Crown and therefore no longer a holder of Public Office.

    Do I want to strike? No. However treat me as an employee and I will act like one. Treat me as a holder of Public Office and the same applies.

    This is about more than just pay as conditions though. I didn’t join the job for money. I joined out of a sense of vocation and genuinely wanting to contribute to society ad help people. W2 will completely wreck the best police force in the world and seriously effect our ability to do the things I joined to do.

    Enough is enough. Time to make a stand.

  5. I never called for plod during the August Uprising, too busy supporting it …

    Also I think I might be gay… Any advise?

  6. Derek G Haslam, Possession of indecent images of little boys (level 5). His details passed on;)

  7. I’m with you on this one Shij… Within Winsor it clearly states that although it is suggested that Chief Officers would be given the power to make police officers redundant, other than under Regulation A19, this should not be construed that they would be classed as employees. No right to strike.

  8. @Derek G Haslam

    Where did you hear this then? When you were coming round from the anesthetic?

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