Just found this video… lol



Trolls’ characteristics
1) They have a lot of free time, they are mostly lonely people.
2) They often ingratiate themselves to a person or two on the group and use them to stay in the group. They may protest with these “friends” that their right to free speech is being curtailed.
3) They sometimes use “socketpuppets“, i.e. fake identities that may be used to sustain, or to inflame the troll’s position or theory or attack. At times the socket puppets’ names are anagrams or similar to the troll name. Thus a troll may engage in artificial conversations with himself. However impersonating multiple people is frowned upon by the more able trolls and is considered the lowest of the possible troll tactics.


2 responses to “Just found this video… lol

  1. Derek G Haslam, 9 Lynn Rd. PE38.

    Yes we get a lot of plod sock puppets on the Guardian. A famous one is disgraced child molester Derek G Haslam.

  2. In London Pcso’s are called chimps- Can’t Help In Most Police Situations! A good PCSO is worth their weight in gold as they are rare as gold most can’t get in as coppers and bide their time! That’s why the met is only recruiting from them special constables or other staff! A quick course and a bit of officer safety and first aid and they are good to go! I had 18 weeks at Hendon 10 weeks street duty and still had a lot to learn ! They are getting trained on the job and the cheap!

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