Scum of the year nomination…

Jailed: Ian Walters rammed a stolen Skoda into a police car leaving Sgt Coulthard with a broken backJailed: Ian Walters rammed a stolen Skoda into a police car leaving Sgt Coulthard with a broken back

A thug who broke a police officer’s back by ramming a stolen vehicle into the side of his patrol car has been jailed for seven years.

Michael Walters, 45, used a stolen Skoda Octavia as a ‘weapon’ to ram Sgt Richard Coulthard sitting in his parked car.

Sgt Coulthard, 35, has been left in a special spinal brace and is unlikely to continue as a policeman.

The £40,000 police BMW was totally written off in the 40mph shunt.

Prosecutor Craig Jones said: ‘Sgt Coulthard suffered fractured vertebrae and damage to his pancreas, and was in hospital for more than two weeks after the incident.

‘He has since had 14 physiotherapy appointments, is on medication, and can only walk with the aid of crutches and a back brace.

‘It is a distinct possibility he will not be able to resume his police career.’

In the US of A… and pretty much every other place in the world- this trash would have been shot dead at the scene for trying to kill the officer.

Here he is treated better and will get more support than the officer he nearly killed…

Going for a walk now… blood pressure too high… breathe…breathe…


13 responses to “Scum of the year nomination…

  1. I totally agree with you.

  2. Guardian Reading English Anarchist Trotskyite.

    Stiff competition, he is up against Delroy Smellie & Simon Harwood! Has your Mums nasty infection cleared up yet?

  3. Shijuro, just ban these troll fckers completely. I know you like a bit of sculduggery with them but they really are nasty shite.

    Read the link to this on gadgets blog and agree totally. In the USA that twat would be toast or if he survived the initial encounter he would not see the light of day again.

    • Gives me something to do… I love it that they are too dopey to understand I am playing with them… they think they have some kind of power over the normal people…

      when in reality…

      all they can do is upset teenagers and grieving parents…

      they are the worst that humanity has to offer…

      if it was up to me I would have them all binned…

  4. Is that utter tool G.R.E.A.T possibly the toxic Ciaran Rehill in another dress or another completely different scumbag? In any instance this story says just about everything that is wrong with the system.

    Walters should have got 700 years for this… or specialist professional help… the sort of help provided by a professional hangman!

  5. Shij – Apologies for being seriously ‘Off Topic’ – but suggest looking at – Anna Raccoon’s blog – and her posts on the arrest (on Euro-warrant from Portugal – NO compliant re UK Police) – of the photo-journalist Graham Mitchell (‘Graham-Images’ ) whose work has featured on ‘Gadget’

  6. Slightly Tarnished

    I think 7 years would be a reasonable sentence for Walters…If he was made to repay his debt to society as a high speed crash test dummy for 40+ hours per week.

  7. Walters needs a bit of lead behind the ear
    that would stop him
    if the bleeding heart liberal muppets allowed decent sentences scum like him would have been toasted long ago
    why the feck should we pay for his bed and board

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