RIP Dave…

The police officer shot and blinded by gunman Raoul Moat has been found dead at his house in Northumberland.
The body of David Rathband, 44, was found by police at his home in Blyth on Wednesday night after officers received a report of concern for his welfare.
Police said no-one else was being sought in connection with the death.
In July 2010, the PC was shot by Moat as he sat in his patrol car in Newcastle. It came a day after Moat had shot two others, one fatally.

I wonder how much hand wringing will be done over David by the powers that be?

None at all-they save that for poor victims like the thing that shot him…

No IPCC investigation for Dave….


21 responses to “RIP Dave…

  1. RIP Pc Rathband. Finally at peace.

  2. Politics4fools

    thoughts to family and all police officers.

    Question to the powers that maybe… do we care for the right people?

  3. retiredtothesun

    From one ex traffic to another…RIP David, sleep well and I hope you get the life over there you were denied over here……

  4. I wonder how many of the Policy Exchange crowd have looked at this tragic story and still felt that their decisions regarding the future of the Police stll run true? How many of them are paid what is, in fact, just an average salary to face what heroes like David Rathband receive to face, or are expected to face, every day of their working lives? They sit in their air conditioned offices, with their PAs and secretaries providing a barrier from the real world and claim to know just what is fair to the Police officers who risk their health and well being every single day. No doubt Cameron, May and the rest of them will make a couple of platitudes, not because they believe them but simply because their words may result in one or two more votes for them at the next election. Once they have done what they consider their duty, they will forget all about David Rathband and go on to the next subject on their agenda. They want 60 year old officers dealing with 18 year old burglars and thieves and be grateful; they want officers to pay more of their salary for a lower pension and be grateful; they want officers to give up any chance of a private life and be grateful. I would really like that their next meeting on Police conditions of service has folders with photographs of David Rathband or Phillip Old on the cover but the reality is that this would no doubt affect their ability to enjoy their elevenses. I sincerely hope that David Rathband is remembered in the Queens Birthday honours list, even if such an award is posthumous. It may just show that someone, somewhere, in the corridors of power acknowledges the debt owed to people like David Rathband, a true hero whose life was cruelly cut short.

  5. Sad… a proper cop took his own life today, having had a couple of years of real hell thrust upon him from out of nowhere.

    PC Rathband had everything he wanted and, a split second later, he had nothing. Once that had happened, everything he valued and cherished seemed to melt away. I do not know why his wife chose that particular time to leave him, but I would imagine that living with a man who had lost so much would have been very difficult.

    I watched Sue Sim on TV today. I have known her for many years. A hard, tough, ruthless and ambitious woman. Never have I seen her so shocked and emotional as today. Perhaps the ball was dropped with regard to David, although I do not believe that people acted negligently with regard to his situation. His assurances about his state of mind were accepted when, in reality, he clearly had reached his particular ‘end of the line’.

    To the supporters (and there are some, amazingly)of the cretinous Raoul Moat, I say that he was scum and taking own life did the world a favour, whereas, and it was horrible to hear that by some coincidence, or parallel, PC Rathband chose to take the same route to assuage the torment that Moat inflicted upon him.

    Life dealt him a very harsh hand of cards recently.

    I am sure you are right… there will be no IPCC investigation, but the inquest may leave some squirming.

    R.I.P. PC Rathband

    • Yes people do support Moat… I binned a troll comment to that effect… Death involving police or having contact with police is normally IPCC…

      Not this time though… It’s a cop do they don’t give…

  6. Yet OUR side in the war see the “I” PCC as an adjunct to plod.

  7. RIP Dave,

    That shit M£%t got him in the end. Bastard!

  8. Take no notice of Ron, Shij. To him this is a night out. To his family, it’s a night off!

  9. Shij… as a Detective, surely you must have twigged that ‘Ron Broxted’ is the poisonous ‘Ciaran Rehill’ in another guise.? This turkey gives even trolls a bad name!

    An utter scumbag. He actually had the temerity to celebrate the death of the late PC Rathband… ‘Ciaran/Ron’ is the sort of guy that really needs professional help… i.e. the services of a professional hangman!

  10. Read AFTERWATT and tell me he is still welcome.

  11. Hands up I admit I am a complete wanker. My hatred of all things to do with law and order stems from a rather nasty incident I was involved in back in 2004. I will not say what it was, but it involved by DNA being taken along with my pubic hair being plucked and fingernails scraped. Since then I have written lots of nasty things about police. I can’t help myself. I didn’t want to babysit anyway!

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