Missing the point?

Have I?

I see a senior ACPO rank officer giving evidence to a judge about the naughty behaviour of the press…and all I could think about was how poor it made us look.

Corruption in the Police?

Our Police?

Before that day I would have defended us along the lines of, “yes, it used to happen in the old days,  but not any more…”

Seems I was wrong…

We all know that journalists are snakes and would do anything for a story, but I really thought in my naivety that our bosses were above that… really…above taking money for stories…then sitting on discipline panels to sack officers for PNC’ing their own vehicles…

Sleaze and hypocrisy, just don’t do it…

It has killed something in the hearts of a lot of officers I know…


2 responses to “Missing the point?

  1. If there ever was a time to GTFO of the police it’s now. As an ex-copper friend of mine pointed out: no point anymore, you’re just there as a human sandbag with 0 real protection or conferred authority from courts, CPS, bosses etc.

  2. Heads… which are normally adorned with hats with ‘scrambled egg’ on their peaks may yet roll on this one. How far does this go up ‘the pole’? How stupid do these people, who have strived to climb ‘the pole’ to senior rank have to be to hobnob with the press, no doubt while chopping some foolish PC or PCSO off at the knees for being curious… curiosity being, I believed, an essential trait in a person planning a career in policing.

    Double standards indeed. Very very embarassing…

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