I should be so upset…

Charlotte Church and her parents settled her phone-hacking damages action for £600,000 at the High CourtCharlotte Church and her parents settled her phone-hacking damages action for £600,000 at the High Court

Singer Charlotte Church today said she was ‘sickened and disgusted’ by the News of the World’s phone hacking which directly led to 33 articles appearing in the newspaper about her and her family. 

The 26-year-old was at London’s High Court today to accept £600,0000 damages from News Group Newspapers (NGN) which owns the now defunct tabloid.

Meanwhile….Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson, who lost both legs and suffered 37 injuries when a landmine exploded in Helmand province, Afghanistan, was awarded just £152,150 in compensation.

His mother, Diane Dernie, from Doncaster, described the payout as an “insult” and announced she was going to the high court to challenge the award. The payout was eventually increased to £540,000.

£60,000-less than a payout for an upset Welsh singer…

Heh…it’s enough to make you cry…


3 responses to “I should be so upset…

  1. There is a huge difference! One is a celeb who is wronged and seeks civil redress! The other is a brave and honourable solider who was hurt and permanently disabled and the payment reflects what politicians really think he is worth! They would rather spend our taxes on other less worthwhile endeavours that further their own careers both in parliament and the boardroom,!

  2. About par for the course… Disgusting.

  3. This is the sick society we have become…in thrall to celebs. I don’t buy any music, watch any reality TV stuff and don’t go to the football any more since it sold it’s soul.

    Personally i would be happy if all the soldiers finally realised the contempt the govt truly holds them in, just like us and gave up. I know it won’t happen but that’s how i feel. I pray my son does not wish to become a policeman or member of the armed forces. I hope he becomes a banker, the govt like them.

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