Welcome to my world judge…

A juror who failed to turn up at court during a trial told police: ‘I can’t be bothered, it’s really boring.’

Michelle Rogers’ non-appearance at Leeds Crown Court meant the sex case had to be suspended, at a cost of £16,000, eventually continuing with 11 jurors.

Ms Rogers was arrested and ended up in the dock of the same court after police went to her home in Castleford, West Yorkshire, and arrested her for contempt of court.

Ms Rogers told police: ‘I don’t want to go. You can’t make me. I have been there for two weeks already and it’s really boring.’

Judge Guy Kearl QC chose not to take any further action because of Ms Rogers’ ‘dire financial circumstances’.

But he the court: ‘When she was told it was the police she opened the door and was told she ought to be in court.

‘She said she couldn’t get there because she had no money for the bus and had no access to the telephone.’

The judge continued: ‘When a lift was offered she went upstairs and then came back downstairs and said ‘I don’t want to go. I can’t be bothered. I have been there for two weeks already and it’s really boring.’

When officers told her they had no option but to arrest her she replied: ‘I don’t want to go. You can’t make me.’

Leeds Combined Courts  

The judge told Rogers: ‘You simply failed to turn up last week when you were in the middle of a jury trial and as a result of that the jury was unable to proceed.

‘It is part of your civic duties – your duties as a citizen to attend this court and assist in the administration of justice.’

Rogers said: ‘I could not get hold of anybody. I don’t think it is my fault anyway because I didn’t have any bus fare.’




This is the type of person we deal with on a daily basis… the self-obsessed, thick, benefit class…

It’s lovely to see real people actually deal with them…

(note-he didn’t send her to jail…)


7 responses to “Welcome to my world judge…

  1. It is not that the people are in contempt of court but that the courts are held in contempt by the people.

  2. What about the trial that had to be cancelled and re-held because the Judge on the first trial had booked holidays which would have been in the middle of the first trial? If the judiciary – those idiots who live on a different planet and with different priorities than the rest of the residents of Planet Earth – can’t be bothered, then why should the rest of us? In my (possibly meagre) 17 years of experience, the only ones to be inconvenienced in trials at Crown Court are the jurors and any Police officer connected with the case. A freind of mine, now retired and bored with it, wrote to the Crown Court asking if he could be given priority as a juror as he was bored with retirement and asked if his letter could be sent on to the proper department. That was 15 months ago. He has had no reply nor any requirement for Jury Service. Perhaps the relevant department can’t be bothered?

  3. Polite request. More photographs of Abi Titmuss…

  4. I have a couple that she posed for – clothed but holding me rather tightly – will they do? Ignore the image of the erection – it was the very bad cut of my Police trousers, honest!

  5. Not fussed if clothed or unclothed pics of Abi;)

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