Dumbest criminal file… chapter 22…the sleepy drunk…

A drunk broke into a police station compound and smashed the window of a squad car before climbing inside to sleep off an alcohol-fueled night out, a court heard.

Furious Paul Skelton, 27, scaled the fence of Plant Hill police station in Blackley, Manchester, after he found no one was on hand to answer his calls for help to get home after a night on the town, magistrates were told.

He broke the window of a squad car and settled down for a nap, a court heard.

Plant Hill police station in Blackley, ManchesterArrested: Skelton scaled the fence because no one was inside the station to help him get home

Skelton was still fast asleep five hours later when an officer opened the station at 6am on January 14.

The officer changed into his uniform – including body armour – before waking Skelton and arresting him, prosecutor Gareth Hughes told Manchester magistrates court.


Heh…another member of the public facing the outcome of the cuts to Police numbers etc…

This chap is a class act…

Not only does he get so minging he can’t make rational decisions…he gets angry because the Police won’t take him home!

He represents a sliver of people I used to see every thu/fri/sat night in the big town pub street…

”I am (hic) fcuking, like, you! hey! fcuking like vulner..vulber, need fcuking help like…I fcuking pay (burp) your fcuking wages now get me a fcuking home cab…whatever…”




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