LOL… Some Americans have short memories… and big mouths…

Sean Penn has branded Britain ‘colonialist’ for its refusal to hand over the Falkland Islands to Argentina.

The actor said that the UK was being ‘ludicrous and archaic’ by believing it could hold on to what he called ‘the Malvinas Islands of Argentina’.

He added that diplomacy was needed to resolve the issue but that he was firmly on the side of the Argentinians.

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Controversial: Actor Sean Penn (left), pictured here with Argentina's President Cristina Kirchner (right), has branded Britain 'colonialist' for its refusal to hand over the Falkland IslandsControversial: Actor Sean Penn (left), pictured here with Argentina’s President Cristina Kirchner (right) yesterday, has branded Britain ‘colonialist’ for its refusal to hand over the Falkland Islands

Penn’s comments could inflame relations between Britain and Argentina just weeks away from the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War on April 2.

Hey Sean…
Remember this?

Joseph Brant by Gilbert Stuart 1786.jpgSequoyah.jpgPushmataha high resolution.jpg
Tecumseh02.jpgTouch the Clouds 1877a.jpgSitting Bull.jpg
ChiefJoseph.jpegCharles eastman smithsonian gn 03462a-cropped.jpgBilly Bowlegs III.jpg

As American expansion continued, Native Americans resisted settlers’ encroachment in several regions of the new nation (and in unorganized territories), from the Northwest to the Southeast, and then in the West, as settlers encountered the tribes of the great plains…

Native American nations on the plains in the west continued armed conflicts with the United States throughout the 19th century, through what were called generally Indian Wars… The Battle of Little Big Horn (1876) was one of the greatest Native American victories.

According to the U.S. Bureau of the Census (1894),

“The Indian wars under the government of the United States have been more than 40 in number. They have cost the lives of about 19,000 white men, women and children, including those killed in individual combats, and the lives of about 30,000 Indians.”In July 1845, the New York newspaper editor John L. O’Sullivan coined the phrase, “Manifest Destiny,” as the “design of Providence” supporting the territorial expansion of the United States. Manifest Destiny had serious consequences for Native Americans, since continental expansion for the United States took place at the cost of their occupied land. Manifest Destiny was a justification for expansion and westward movement, or, in some interpretations, an ideology or doctrine that helped to promote the process of civilization. Advocates of Manifest Destiny believed that expansion was not only good, but that it was obvious and certain.

The term was first used primarily by Jacksonian Democrats in the 1840s to promote the annexation of much of what is now the Western United States (the Oregon Territory, the Texas Annexation, and the Mexican Cession).

What a prodigious growth this English race, especially the American branch of it, is having! How soon will it subdue and occupy all the wild parts of this continent and of the islands adjacent. No prophecy, however seemingly extravagant, as to future achievements in this way [is] likely to equal the reality.
—Rutherford Birchard Hayes, U.S. President, January 1, 1857, Personal Diary.

The age of Manifest Destiny, which came to be associated with extinguishing American Indian territorial claims and removing them to reservations, gained ground as the United States population explored and settled west of the Mississippi River. Although Indian Removal from the Southeast had been proposed by some as a humanitarian measure to ensure their survival away from Americans, conflicts of the nineteenth century led some Americans to regard the natives as “savages”.

Sorry… what was that again about colonialism?


10 responses to “LOL… Some Americans have short memories… and big mouths…

  1. I rather enjoyed this description of him as ‘a 45 year old manchild’.

    At least, unlike the drunken oafs in last night’s ‘Coppers’ on Ch 4, he was presumably sober at the time.

  2. I liked the remark reputedly made by a British diplomat to an American droning on about colonialism – “There’s 700 million of our Indians in India. How many of your Indians are left?”

  3. Sean Penn exemplifies the following phrase:

    Opinions are like arseholes; everyone’s got one and most them involve shit.

  4. Britain cannot reinforce the Malvinas. Troops are to be taken from Helmand to police the inner cities during the summer as you were so crap last year. I love reading a Wiki inspired clod like you on C 19th history. Alas I only have a degree in it from a Russell group university!

  5. Clearly the poor man hasn’t have enough paperazzi to beat up lately.
    Perhaps we could sort out two problems with one solution, and send large numbers of (hopefully) soon to be unemployed News International journalists to “take one for the team”.

    Talk about mixed feelings…

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