Lol they don’t like it up ’em do they Mr Mannering?


Love the press… Missing the irony of the headline completely…”it’s like the USSR…’ Kav whines… “freedom of the press…blah blah blah”…

Ignoring the irony of a statement published in a national newspaper stating press are being restricted… Mr Kav has missed the point here on a couple of levels:

The press isn’t really free is it?


Freedom isn’t the issue here, it’s unlawful behaviour.

Freedom comes with responsibilities… Without them there is chaos…

If the press can’t behave (and they clearly can’t ) then they have to be compelled…

Like everyone else…

Are they such a special case they can break the law with impunity?


18 responses to “Lol they don’t like it up ’em do they Mr Mannering?

  1. Journalists take a contact out for drinks or a meal… 7 years ago.

    They could have been asked in for questioning but instead oof catching real criminals, Plod drags them out of bed at 6 AM and rummage through their children’s underwear drawer. … doubt you have volunteered for (and relished) that last particular job, eh “Shijuro”?

  2. seems like a pretty fair summary of what happened to the journalists

    as to the other why not locate him by meeting up?

    • Well, if they are arrested we do sec32 searches on there homes… Standard procedure … Unpleasant, but necessary… I was commenting on the irony of a group of people that have hacked the ‘phones of murder victims crying about their privacy being invaded by the Police…

      Hope that explains that for you…

      As to meeting up its too far … He lives in Wolverhampton… That’s more than a hundred plus miles from where I live…

      A long way for a no show…

      I mean, can’t really see a coward like the troll actually turning up… Lol…

  3. Meeting up? Everyone else’s DayGlo is lime green…. yours is most definitely yellow, isn’t it, chubby?

  4. ….. forgot to ask: what’s your calendar like these coming weeks? Any particular day be best for you?

  5. Oh, Sh1tty, you naughty little cowardly plagiarist you!

    You fair had me going for a moment there, you rascal. I *almost * believed that (for once) you had summoned up a bit of courage.

    Guess a rabbit never changes it’s spots eh?

    (Edit this as you big your self up…. we both know that your doing so makes you the weaker. See you (or not as the case may be !) loser. 🙂 )

  6. Sure. Google map directions to the Skylark pub in Birmingham.

    Week from today?

    7:30 PM?

    [Stage left: sound of sh1tty crapping himself]

  7. I look forward to meeting you socially for a pleasant drink and a chat .I imagine that you are a great raconteur. Do you feel like talking about your plans with Monday Books to publish your blog – or is that still in too early a stage?

    Protection from harassment?? Mate, I don’t feel harassed, I knew you were only joking hwen you said: “..Ok you fcuking cocksucka….

    Time place…

    Tip: call your dentist first…”

    …..or are you saying that you meant that seriously?

  8. Travelling internationally on business, old fruit.

    Earning the money to pay the taxes from which your £2000 per month ( !!! 🙂 🙂 ) wages are taken, Tattoo .

    I’m still in Blighty next Thursday though……….

    …….. or have you suddenly found you are busy that night, DayGlo?

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