No more Sun? Unthinkable… but strangely comforting…

The future of The Sun remained uncertain today as Rupert Murdoch prepared to fly into London to reassure staff he would not sell the paper in the wake of arrests made this weekend.

Five of The Sun’s most senior journalists, including the paper’s joint deputy editor, were arrested yesterday over alleged illegal payments to police officers and other officials.

News Corporation chairman Mr Murdoch is expected to visit staff in London towards the end of the week to deal with the growing crisis at Britain’s biggest-selling newspaper.

For the first time, yesterday’s arrests have broadened beyond payments to police.

The Sun's joint deputy editor Geoff Webster along with four other senior journalists has been questioned
Editor and a couple of ‘sub-editors’ earlier ago…
I love the fact Murdock has asked for an assurance that these officer can’t be bought and are independent…
Ignoring the front of a man backing a multi-million pound empire that has been SHOWN to lie and hack the ‘phones of murder victims suggesting that others need to be moral, it does raise an interesting point…
Everyone has a price…
Even Police officers.
I really think this is going to run and run…what the outcome will be is unknown!
Or as the Sun might put it:

7 responses to “No more Sun? Unthinkable… but strangely comforting…

  1. and your price is £1300 per month!

    HA HA HA HA!

    Boy, you;re cheap. 🙂

    • eh?

      I don’t earn £1300…not sure where you get that from-my net is around £2000-PCM…

      You seem a little obsessed with the Police-did you fail to get in or something?

      Can I ask why you do this?

      It’s a bit of an odd thing for a grown man to do…trolling…

      A teen may be forgiven…but a grown man with a job?

      Very odd.

  2. £1300 is your expected pension, no?

    ….whilst “working” though, you only net a lousy £2K per month????? 20 years on the job and that is ALL???

    (After working 63 hours a week, every single week too! Is there no justice? :…No wonder that Sun journos can buy so many of you bozos so cheaply. My sides are splitting)

  3. No more Sun = I just felt the world get a bit lighter and brighter, possibly even the collective IQ raise a percentage point! Hopefully one of the judges will actually apply a MAXIMUM term this time too (unlike re. Mulcaire).

  4. Nice to see the “sub-editor” wearing a tie

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