Two jags in charge ? Lol

The former deputy prime minister Lord Prescott is to seek a nomination to become Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside Police.
According to his Twitter account, the former Labour Hull East MP said he was seeking a nomination from the Labour party, for the role on 17 February.
The 73-year-old stepped down as an MP in 2010, after 37 years.
Police commissioners in England and Wales will be elected in November this year.
In an interview with the Hull Daily Mail, he said he had the relevant experience to hold the Humberside force to account.
He told the newspaper that if he received the Labour nomination he would go on a tour of East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire to speak to the public about their concerns, using their answers to help him draft his manifesto.
The role of commissioner includes setting priorities for police force and overseeing its budget.

Lol… His tour should be interesting… And the ‘manifesto’ 🙂 dog poo; kids playing football; noisy mopeds; fly tipping; colour of cable tv boxes (had that called in once) ; ‘that bloke down the road never pays tax for his car”



7 responses to “Two jags in charge ? Lol

  1. Would his manifesto include punching people and shagging secretaries?

  2. If you’d like more info on what’s going on in the elections in your area, have a look at

  3. not wishing to be ageist and all that , but , at a time when ‘youth’ oppurtunities are at an all time low , why would/should a 73 year old who has had his snout well and truly in the public trough for many a year be a contender , jobs for the boys as. we all know .Why not a suitable ‘beat/community’ bobby , after all they are the ones on the ground and in the know are’t they ?

  4. Prescott. Hypocrite. Complete cnut. Couldn’t think of a better twat for the job.

  5. Yes good old two Jag’s. Wants the police to be more accountable based on the fact the the MET did not investigate the phone hacking properly. How much more accountable do we need to be FFS.
    BTW was he accountable for misconduct in a public office when doing his sec. Another big fat No, just like him.

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