Forgive me but…where is the surprise?

Abu Hamza and five other dangerous terror suspects could follow Abu Qatada in being freed to walk Britain’s streets.

Unelected Euro judges are preparing to rule if the six – who are accused of running terror camps and extremist websites or plotting atrocities – can be extradited to the U.S.

And, in the wake of Europe’s ruling that fanatic Qatada cannot be kicked out of Britain, Whitehall officials are braced for defeat.

Abu Hamza could become the latest dangerous terror suspect to be released on bail
The decision comes after it was ruled that Abu Qatada cannot be kicked out of Britain


Hate preacher Hamza is claiming that his potential jail term in America could constitute a breach of his human rights because it is potentially ‘inhuman’ or ‘degrading’.

Once there is a Euro court ruling that any of the six cannot be extradited, British judges are expected to follow the precedent set by the Qatada case and free them on bail.


For me, like most Police Officers, this is a non-story…for a couple of reasons.

The first is we have surrendered our sovereign right to make our own legal decisions to Brussels and we need to either deal with it or leave the ECOHR…

The other is that we don’t seem to be able to put people like these maniacs inside orsimply get rid of them back to a place where their docterine of hate will be welcomed.

We can’t keep people that have no interest in the laws of our land inside-never mind those that want to kill us.

For all her tense brow posturing in the House- Kittens just hasn’t got the cojones or power to do anything about it.

They scream and shout about the nasty Russkies vetoing Syrian intervention for purely selfish reasons…

At least they have the guts to be honest about their selfish interests.


21 responses to “Forgive me but…where is the surprise?

  1. one of those you detest

    You do know the European Court of Human Rights has nothing to do with Brussels don’t you? It pre-dates the EU and is based in Strasbourg (although it is true that ratifying the convention is a precondition of EU membership). Far be it from me to tell a police officer how to construct a case but it might help to base it on facts

  2. ECHR, after 2 years you still haven’t implemented the rulings of S & Marper. 2 million innocent folks DNA on file? Yet silly cunts like you say it is not a police state. I am off to troll on a PROPER police blog now.

  3. These be the same unelected euro bureaucrats who got your WTD sorted so that some weeks you loaf and practically do no work at all?

    (Ouch! I bet that stats for dummies and 63 + 33 = 2 * 48 must still be stingting, huh?)

    • God sake… How thick are you?

      Crown agents (police-army etc) are not bound by the WTD … For obvious reasons.

      “sorry sarge, I know we are being shot at but I’m on my break”

      You can’t bare it can you?

  4. Thames Valley and Kent conform to the WTD -their compliance documents are easily available on line. Other constabularies are the same.

    So on average you DO work to a maximum of 48 hours. If you genuinely do those long hours you claim then this naturally means that there will be those weeks where you will spend most of the time loafing at home engaged for most of your waking hours with your crappy weblog. …. by the volumes you post, you would seem to have a lot of weeks like this.

    (Unless…..not posting from your iphone firm the back of the speed camera van, are you?)

    • Just because someone CHOOSES. To conform…don’t mean they ALL will ? Derr…

      My working pattern is as I say… Sure, on occasion I get three days off… But I work two weekends per month…

      Short of revealing my identity and my force I can’t go any further.

      However, I must reiterate for the cerebrally challenged amongst us (you…) that crown agents are exempt from the WTD…


      That’s what we sign up for…

  5. But you did not implement S & Marper. The ECHR quite rightly ruled that 2 million innocent folks DNA on file contravened civil liberty. Police state Britain ignored it. You really are a stupid cunt.

  6. “..Short of revealing my identity and my force I can’t go any further…”


    If one constabulary conforms….they all conform. Don’t they?

    Tell you what – not saying that you belong to such a constabulary of course – but can you name one which does *not* conform to the WTD?

    (Sound of stony silence and tumbleweed blowing through the prairie of an empty plain that is the vast expanse of a dumb copper’s empty lies….)

    • You ARE thick…

      Nice and slllooowwwlllyyyy….



      We can’t stop working WHEN WE WANT… yes?

      You can… when your shift in the biscuit factory ends- you go home…

      I am STOOD DOWN-not the same thing…because MY BOSS CAN ORDER ME TO STAY…




      • Put another way…

        A fusilier (like I was, all those years ago…) can’t turn around and say,

        ‘I know we are being shot at…but, I am off home now ‘cos I’ve done my 48-hours for this week…’


        You are just an arse…

        Why don’t you feck off and play with your lego or something…

  7. Save us your evasions and made up stories about your time as a fusileer . (Most likely you just have one of their fancy pieces of head-wear in your dressing up box?)

    Again: “… can you name one which does *not* conform to the WTD?…”

    No, you can’t. Becasue you are caught in a simple lie and now all we get from you is the red-faced hysterical repetitive shrieking protesting your innocence, which the classic response of the typical stupid liar when he is exposed.

    You are a fool.

    And everybody here sees you making a fool of yourself.

    • Again: “… can you name one which does *not* conform to the WTD?…”

      Err… yes… ALL OF THEM…

      Crown agents are exempt…

      Army/Air Force/Navy/Police etc…

      For obvious reasons…as I stated earlier…

      (p.s. it’s spelt Fusilier not fusileer… derr…)

      Heh… nice try troll… but we all know you are only really interested in trolling…not in having a real debate… so go play with your toys…

  8. Lets make it really simple for you, PC Pipsqueak…….. in the last 6 Months what was your average number of hours worked per week?

    63 per week? ….. or fewer than 48 hours per week?

    Simple question. How about a straight answer (for once)…

    Thought not.

    • OK Boba…I will have another go-I’ve lots of patience…

      Yes…on average it works out at less than 48-hours per STANDARD 5-DAY WORKING week…IF…IF…you assess it over 16-weeks.

      You know standard working weeks? the one you do for £20,000,000-per year and a £5,000 per week pension-
      well it must be, I mean, someone as ‘educated’ as you (lol) has such a big earning potential eh?


      However, I still work 7-days in a row with two days off at the end.

      How hard is it for you to understand that?


      We have ALWAYS worked patterns like this…when I first joined we worked:

      7-nights-3-days off;
      7-lates-2-days off;
      7-earlies-3-days off…

      28-day pay period; 8-hours per day; 8-days off…

      In the field you get different pay-but you are working 24-hours per day.

      The WTD wasn’t in place then…


      Another win for state education… lol

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