Cyber bullies…

Nice program on tracing them on he beeb 2030hrs…

Thought our play-trolls might watch and report back to us on their thoughts…

Except for Chris…

He is VERY easy to find… IP addresses never lie eh?


9 responses to “Cyber bullies…

  1. What’s doubly sad re. your troll is that any idiot can look up how to hide their IP address via wikipedia now; a friend of mine’s 11 year old was recently showing her how to do it!

    • Yup… Cowards all of them… One of my fave posts from the sick troll (not the dumb one) was a rant based on his opinion that I had used the word ‘humanist’ … Missing by several billion light-years the point that using his spare time posting his sick, pointless trolling was just a bit “not humanist”…


      They also don’t know that no matter how hard you try to hide, you can be found…

      Not by me… But I suspect that a jerk like him won’t only be trolling here… He will be on other sites too… Sooner or later he will slip up…

      Dumb criminals always do…

  2. humane


    Notice a difference.? This is an example of your rudimentary understanding of abstract concepts

    Sheet metal

    Shet metal

    Not see it? This is and example of your rudimentary primary-school level spelling skills

    Real copper,

    …..and you?

    This is an example of a very funny joke.. 🙂

    You donkey

  3. Yes, you’ll have to take everything you can, Sh1tty! You get those flaccid little pudgy white fingers of yours grasping on anything that is thrown your way, and claim credit for everything you can (no matter how ludicrous), you hear? . ….

    … I mean, it’s not like you’ll ever do something as a result of your own efforts and resources is it?, you defective detective you 🙂

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