Overpaid, over pensioned cop stabbed doing his job (just like everyone else’s job)…

A police officer has been stabbed while responding to an emergency call in the Kilwilkie estate in Lurgan.

The officer suffered injuries to his head and a 41-year-old-man has been arrested for attempted murder.

The police officer was responding to a report about a domestic incident when he was slashed with a knife.

He suffered serious injuries to the back of his head and is being treated in hospital where his condition is described as stable.

It is believed the man had locked himself into a house with two young children and when the police tried to get inside, the man opened the front door, and slashed the officer with a knife.

Meanwhile other police officers at the scene came under attack from petrol bombs and bricks.

Brave men and women attempt to save victims of domestic abuse-and faced knives and idiots attacking them with petrol bombs and bricks…

The same men and women that will have their pensions reduced and payments increased, to pay for a deficit they had no part in creating.

Meanwhile the people that DID create the problem we are in are coining it in…

‘Kittens’ is still hitting us with the ol’ ”Police do a marvellous job but I am still going to stuff them big-time”…


most Chief Constables are singing from the same hymn sheet… with a few exceptions…


2 responses to “Overpaid, over pensioned cop stabbed doing his job (just like everyone else’s job)…

  1. Chris Alder, Liddle Towers, Harry Stanley, Mark Duggan and a cast of millions.

    Epic fail on Northern Ireland. PSNI = RUC + B Specials. Imagine going into a synagogue in nazi uniform, yes that is the welcome plod get in nationalist areas of the occupied 6 counties. We own Fermanagh, Derry & Tyrone, now FOAD.

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