Melv…the detective… Lol

Jeremy is without an alibi; a curious deficiency or a terrible oversight for an infamous family murderer. There was an arrogant quality to him and it appeared to surprise nobody when police originally charged him….but did they frame him? The question continues to deeply trouble some who have studied the case. There is only one prospect of his complete release from the accusation and that rests in finding proof he was framed. Otherwise the stain remains when his guilt or innocence cannot be known with a better degree of certainty.
– Dr Melvin T Gray, huddersfield uk, 5/2/2012 12:27

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Stick to word searches and daytime telly grandad…


7 responses to “Melv…the detective… Lol

  1. Folding those tin foil hats and writing his little conspiracy theories is clearly the man’s entire world; would be laughable if it wasn’t so very, very sad. They say that friends and family keep you grounded in the real world; it’s painfully obvious he doesn’t have any and sees the world entirely through papers like the Daily Fail and the Laurdian.

    I’ve known quite a few coppers directly and through friends over the years; i’ve never met one that would fit someone up. Why; they know it’s not worth the loss of pension, career and liberty for a career crim that will probably end up in hospital / prison / 6 feet under eventually due to their lifestyle anyway.

  2. Another red herring thrown up by the defence. Damning evidence against him is, of course, ignored. There is as much chance of Melvin solving this as there is of Melvin having a sensible debate or making an unbiased statement. What pisses me off is that the taxpayer is still handing over a fortune to blood sucking lawyers pandering to the ravings of a madman. i.e. Bamber, not MTG in this case.

  3. Is this buffoon actually a doctor? Or is it a title he likes to bestow on himself?

  4. A doctor of cockology I would imagine!
    He may be surprised to know that there are actually some guilty people in prison.

  5. Oh look, Bi-nasty in tight pink latex, Heading the party for moi and friends. Monsieur shijuro, you are really spoiling us.

    • I was about to post something like, “that’s when you can understand the pretentious idiot… he speaks in his own language…” and say some other things that would show you to be the odd, sad little man you are…

      but you beat me too it…

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