Open season on HMV predicted!

When security guard Charles Oloro spotted a shoplifter slipping out of his store with an armful of DVDs, he knew exactly what to do.

He gave chase through the shopping centre before catching him and marching him back to the store.

But instead of being congratulated by his bosses, the 42-year-old HMV worker was sacked for apprehending a suspect outside the shop premises.

Sacked: Charles Oloro outside the HMV store where he worked until he was fired for apprehending a shoplifter who had already made it through the front door 

HMV policy is for security guards to avoid all confrontations with suspects that have the potential to escalate  into something more serious. That includes trying to catch thieves once they have carried their stolen goods  through the exit doors.

A spokesman for the chain said the rules were introduced in 2007 after a member of staff was stabbed to death in Norwich after apprehending a thief.

OK, ignoring for a moment the veiled comment about ‘accumulation of reasons’, that no-doubt means this chap was up for a sacking anyway, however,  this is a perfect illustration of everything that is WRONG with our country.

This chap reacted instantly to a crime against his company by giving chase to a thief… he caught him, then walked him back to the store-recovering the stolen property.

Now… this may have been a breach of the store’s policy (a DUMB policy…) what’s the point of security staff that DON’T ACTUALLY DO ANY SECURITY WORK?)

In ANY other country in the world, he would have got a bonus or a medal or something…

No…not here… sacked.

Mmm… the policy was put into place because of a guard that was stabbed in similar circumstances… nasty. But crims ARE nasty… so, if you want your staff to tackle them perhaps a vest may be in order?

Mind you… that costs money… mind you, so does shop theft…but since that gets passed onto us anyway…what’s the issue?

They are being cheap.

Rather than give vests and training-they ban them from activities that put them in the situation in the first place…kind of like banning footballers from playing in case they get kicked…

The other thing is the more subtle point of the message being sent to the villains of this world?


Is it any wonder with that message and the lack of prison at the end of being caught for shop-theft, that we have such a problem with it?



2 responses to “Open season on HMV predicted!

  1. One of my colleagues was in a major county city where I work, when she detained one of our regular shoplifters. Short struggle with the crim and her buddy and the officer takes a punch in her face for her troubles.

    Crim is nicked, but the shop – well loved by middle-class mums for its twee floral tat says its policy is not to support prosecutions.

    Bunch of arse. Crim still got charged with going equipped, mind

  2. I cannot understand such a policy that allows the criminal so much rights, I am appalled at this policy, how can anyone allow this to go on?

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