I am on the second of my two rest days after nights… I suppose I really only get the one day really, since the first day I was asleep until 1400-hrs…

The ‘wall’ for nights is about 0400hrs for me… yuck.

Whilst I am not looking forward to work tomorrow, I can reflect on the fact I have managed to wrangle (that is the word that best suits…since it was no small feat) a transfer to a station 17-miles closer to home- a saving of at least 34-miles PER DAY! Some 200-plus miles a week! (I work 7-in a row for the troll…he has trouble with maths and often tries to boost his self-worth by attempting to demean mine… newsflash troll: I care not…).

My new posting has even got a railway station nearby!


Of course, it’s not a welfare matter-I swapped with another officer that was in the same situation as myself but on the other end so to speak.

We both asked our gaffer independently, but were rebuffed…it was only after a coincidental meeting that we came up with the plan.

Since we are both in the force CID we have similar skills and our line managers (good sorts, really…) did this with the minimum of effort and issue. It is heartening to know that whilst the SMT still continue with their cold, selfish and unfeeling attitude to the world, there are humanists above us.

Anyway, thanks Jack (he knows to whom I refer!) we will both be much better off.


When Police SMT hear this word they immediately reach for a dictionary.

They talk the talk but almost never walk the walk…

Unless, the person being fucked up is:

a visible ethnic minority; a woman that has a reputation for crying ‘bully!’ (note I did not mention women with children…they are fair game to being fucked up now…I know a few single mums that can testify to this…); a mason or someone with ‘black’ on the gaffer in question.

I can retire in 4-5 years and they can’t come quickly enough…in fact I have a job interview next week… I will let you know how I get on…


time for a nap I think…


9 responses to “Nights…

  1. So, you average 7 nights per week, every week, do you, Dummy?

    You tireless “hero”

    (Curiously though, working all those long long hours on nights, you seem to have ample time to post avalanche loads of your drivel on your weblog)

    …and these immediate superiors are “humanists”? That is, they are fully fledged, signed up members and subscribers to the philosophical principles and doctrine of Humanism?

    G*D!, you are so FUNNY!!!!!!!!


    (You fcuking Donkey)

  2. What and reveal where I live you fucktard?

    But … It’s at the local college lecturing…


    How’s the biscuit factory?

  3. “Welfare” – aka ‘Can we slide this one out on a ‘Medical discharge’?

    [Talking of ‘medical discharges’ – your new troll doesn’t seem to comply with the Blog’s usual standards.]

  4. …. good for you!

    Let’s just hope they don’t give you basic numeracy and literacy tests as part of the interview process, eh?

  5. …can’t believe that you googled “Trench Dodger”

    You donkey.

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