What tangled webs we weave…

A millionaire solicitor collapsed in the dock yesterday after being jailed for spinning a web of lies to escape a drink driving charge.

City lawyer Francis Bridgeman, 43, was earlier found guilty of perverting the course of justice for lying to detectives after he crashed his £50,000 Range Rover Sport into a telegraph pole.

Rather than admit what had happened, he concocted a story that he hoped would preserve his reputation.

Police launched a kidnap investigation after the Oxford-educated school governor claimed armed men had stolen the luxury car at knifepoint before taking him away in another vehicle.

A jury in December decided that the story was an elaborate ruse to escape a drink-driving charge.

Sentencing him for 12 months at Lewes Crown Court yesterday, Judge Guy Anthony said: ‘I doubt a drink-drive conviction would have led to this but any conviction of perverting the course of justice is serious.’



The factors not mentioned by the judge that I would suggest are the driving (opps…) force behind his silly behaviour are:


We all suffer from both of course…but lawyers seem to have a fairly large amount of the latter incorporated into their personalities…

Anyway… He will have 6-months to learn his place as he reclines next to ‘Wayne’ the car scrote…



6 responses to “What tangled webs we weave…

  1. Not the first lawyer to come unstuck being stupid
    A relative was a sergeant in the met, he was called to back up an officer who had pulled a local solicitor for driving the wrong side of a pedestrian island to avoid a traffic jam. There had ensued a “Do you know who I am?” interlude followed by the appearance of my relly and a traffic unit. After going over the car and finding four bald tyres, defective lights and various other faults, he was a pratt on a bus!
    My experience of solicitors has been that they are almost all arrogant pratts, is it a requirement?

    • One Time Special

      Man parks car on zig-zgs at Pedex – stuck on in his absence – note left. A while, later man appears at our front counter, stating there is no such offence
      Him: “I know, I am a solicitor of the High Court of Justiciary.
      Me “Please look at this Highway Code……..here………..quite clear isn’t it?”
      “Yes, but its not an offence”.
      “See here Sir, its against the Zebra Pedestrian Crossing Regulations of whatever year”
      “Well I’ve never heard of that”
      Self “I’m afraid that ignorance of the law is no defence. Good afternoon, Sir”
      He leaves, muttering.
      Me? Smile on face all afternoon!

  2. I hope he receives the message that if drops the soap in the shower, he kicks it all the way back to his cell before he picks it up. No doubt he will gain some protection by offering ‘free’ legal advice to all those who claim to have been fitted up by the Old Bill and are completely innocent of anything. However, if his specialisation is conveyancing, then he should revert to the first sentence!

  3. One can sometimes think a lot of people in prison are more innocent than solicitors!

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