See what I mean about being closer to the subject?

Dangerous: Victor Akulic had already served eight years in jail for raping a young girl when he carried out another sex attack in the UK 

Victor Akulic

A ‘dangerous’ Lithuanian rapist who subjected a woman to a brutal sex attack was allowed into the UK despite having a conviction for raping a seven-year-old girl.

Victor Akulic served eight years for the sex attack on the young girl, but was not flagged up to police and went on to brutally beat and rape a woman last year just months after entering Britain.

Today a senior judge hearing the Lithuanian’s appeal against his life sentence following the brutal sex attack in Sheppey in August 2010, demanded to know why Akulic was able to walk into the country in the first place.

Lady Justice Hallett asked: ‘Do we let in just anyone, even if they have a serious conviction?’

Lady Justice Hallett questioned why rapist Akulic had been able to come into the UK

Lady Justice Hallett…


The prosecution rests M’laud…


3 responses to “See what I mean about being closer to the subject?

  1. Yep we are letting them all in and we can’t do sod all about it now, unless we leave the EU. The short sightedness of the government of the day is to blame and we are stuck with it. We have no idea who we have in the country,until that is, they get caught doing some pretty nasty things. Disgusting.

  2. on retirement medically having been injured on duty I relocated to the Canary Islands. My observations here particularly during recession is that a number of expats are running from something…..does the same apply to immigrants into the UK and if so what are they running from?

    • I think there is a general feeling that the people who are actually paying for everything (the middle bit) are the ones that have the least rights…

      and are the ones most likely to get shafted…

      and are the ones with all the stress…

      The rich don’t care because, well, they are rich… a 10p hike in petrol prices don’t bother people on £200k a year…
      The poor don’t care because they get everything paid for…

      Marx was right…capitalism is theft.

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