Stop and search…

Again… Stop and search powers and procedures are under attack.



It is a powerful weapon against criminals and they don’t like it.

Classic Mushashi strategy is to remove your enemies ability to wage war on you.

Either by negating the weapons effectiveness or destroying it.

Gang members don’t want to be stopped-not because they feel they are being unfairly targeted by an unfeeling Police-but because they can’t carry their knives, guns and drugs about so easily…

Scary that ‘Two dads’ agrees with them and wants us to lock more up so we can justify doing our job?

‘Black yoof is like, stopped more in Brixton innit? The pigs is racialist innit? We is suffering at da hands of the state…”

Well, according to home office figures-the biggest danger to young black kids-isn’t white oppressors…it’s other black kids from opposite gangs…

As to us targeting blacks only…if the majority of people that live in an area are black, they are going to be over represented in an area search figure eh?

We should just say, ”No. Fcuk right off… we will do what we need to do.”

Of course if the figures for gang ‘black on black’ violence should go up because we don’t do enough stops and remove weapons from the streets- the ”community leaders” that appear after any such incident (funny that…) will blame us!

Funny that!


42 responses to “Stop and search…

  1. Henry Bolingbroke

    Take your point, but I think we have reached a position whereby it is time for front-line cops to simply cease carrying out stop searches completely, until the numbers of deaths and woundings becomes such a political hot potato that the simpering imbeciles currently wringing their hands about the unfairness of the process, vis-a-vis the allegedly disproportionate numbers of minority-heritage youths subjected to the process are howling, literally howling, for searching to recommence with vigour.
    I believe that adopting such a policy, with the inevitable carnage which will follow, is the only way to educate the bien-pensants currently accusing us of ‘racism’ to rethink their position. Will responsibility for the tidal wave of stabbings be laid at our door? Probably; so no change there, then and at least a few cops’ careers won’t be ruined by false allegations
    made by criminals with an agenda and their cheerleaders in the media and the law.

  2. The procedure is there to serve a purpose. Not exarberate underlying problems in society.To be stopped by an officer with the mentality of the individual above is one of the reasons why stop and search procedures need scutinizing. Firstly, I am black and more to the point British. His attempt to mask the problems within himself are almost admirable. ‘Black yoof is like, stopped more in Brixton innit? The pigs is racialist innit? We is suffering at da hands of the state…”
    Far from original,(I do not normally entertain or acknowledge individuals with such inhumane traits) but let me briefly enlighten you regardless. Brixton(where I am from) is not predominately Black. Over population and inadequate education is a problem that our “big society” cannot fix anytime soon. The “yoof” of today are ostricized and frustrated. You cannot kick a football outside your house at 8pm on a Sunday evening no more. You will be approached by police, maybe even one with an attitude like the thing above. An attitude towards the future citizens which treats them as in your own words “ENEMIES”.
    The riots highlighted the problem is multi-cultural and not just with Black youths. More humanity and less predjudice. You seem to have failed to grasp the police are here to serve and protect the public. The Youths you hate so much are part of the public and deserve respect as human-beings. Your off-spring will undoubtedly associate with Black youths whether you like it or not. You need to book a one way cab to Beachy head. Your repulsive, piggish, racist, amoeba-like, one-dimension comments don’t deserve serious mature consideration, tosser.

    • Yawn…

      As Romeo once remarked…”stop, for I have heard it all before…”

    • As to racist… How do you know I am white? As it happens I am not… Lol

      So you struck out there eh Sherlock?

      I make no apologies for what I said.

      Certainly not to one that makes such sweeping, personal and insulting comments to someone they have never met…

      Go away and remove the massive chip from your shoulder…


      I went to school in an inner city area…the majority of pupils were black… The kids I knew just didn’t seem to want to be there, learn or behave.

      When they left school…they had no exam passes. So they didn’t get jobs…

      That’s my fault is it?

      I don’t think so.

      Anyway… Good luck with the chip…

    • “You cannot kick a football outside your house at 8pm on a Sunday evening no more”
      Good job if it’s my living room wall you keep thudding against, whatever your colour
      Learn some genuine respect for other people’s lives..
      The police you criticise, protect me from the aggressive selfishness of idiots like you.

  3. Dr Melvin 'Banned from most police blogs' Gray

    Few current police undertakings attract positive publicity. ‘Stop and search’ is now consigned to the hefty catalogue of botched and crudely conducted operations. It is only fair to point out that delivery expectations of any public service has never been lower. Yet even police can make a contribution to society when tasks are carefully matched to talents. Here in Huddersfield, our newly formed Neighbourhood Poop-scoopa Teams have been allocated a new budget, together with hundreds of plastic bags and poopa pickers.

    One can live in hope they see it as an opportunity to be grabbed with both hands, shij.

    • You really are a cock…


      Never miss an opportunity to show it eh?

      If you can’t say something constructive-no matter how annoying… do us a favour and fuck off please?

      • Kendo eh! Makes sense. You need a weapon. I do Aikedo, Muai Thai and Ju-jitsu, for starters. Non involve weapons… The book of 5 rings is actually my favourite. You seem to use far too many expletives to be a true warrior. Nobody said get rid of stop and search. Let me remind of your innappropriate, facetious comments my fellow samarai ‘Black yoof is like, stopped more in Brixton innit? The pigs is racialist innit? We is suffering at da hands of the state…” Let also remind you that this is England and the goverment has allowed the kids to become unruly. Traditional parental methods are deemed abusive by the state. Tge state prosecute them for trying to discipline them. They are not the enemy of society, they are the product of society. A produce that needs to be nutured and utilised, it is the only resource this country has.
        I agree that they are very wild and something has to be done to help them thus helping ourselves and society as a whole. Why not teach Kendo and self-respect instead of coming on here like some big man with your foul mouthed, derogative, negative, sterotypical, piglet-like sense of humour. For your limited knowledge even though I was owned by the state since 6 years of age.
        I teach numeracy and literacy to those with language and learning and emotional barriers-voluntarily. I also train boxing, martial arts, football and athletes for free. You seem to have a selective memory, let me remind you Lone Wolf.
        ‘Black yoof is like, stopped more in Brixton innit? The pigs is racialist innit? We is suffering at da hands of the state…”- Unnecessary and disturbing.
        Last but not least- Lone Wolf loved his son Tajiro, thats why he was with him through thick and thin. I doubt that a true samarai would refer to youth as the enemy. Mug. lol not. I have had a gut full of your misguided machismo. I will do exactly as you said. I will **!! right off.

        • I have:1st dan judo; brown belt 3rd kyu karate; aikido 4th kyu and I practice iaido…

          Weapons… First choice… Hand to hand last resort…

          (ps … Lots of weapon use in aikido… Aikiken …of course you would know that eh? Must have ‘slipped your mind’)

          But the true test for a warrior is within…

          Shame you jumped before knowing anything about me eh ?


          Criticising another for swearing when you use racist, bigoted and rude language yourself just shows you up as an arsehole…


          • Don’t want to know you ,don’t care who you are. We will never have a constructive debate.You are way too hard for me. Take it to Hollywood Jackie. I’m your number one fan

            • You don’t debate… You blindly insult and then try to justify it…

            • Jackie who?



              He is Chinese… I study Japanese arts…


              Not very good at this are you?

              Don’t give up the day job…

              Oops… Sorry… Too soon?


            • Just as much relevence as your comments on stop and search, Hollywood baby. Shogosuki whoever you are. We love you. You are a ‘The One’

            • Oh god you are another troll…

              Spam queue for you son…

            • Scotland Yard is developing a new strategy to tackle gang-related crime and serious youth violence in the capital.

              The force confirmed senior Metropolitan Police officials are in the process of finalising details of the fresh approach, which will put an enhanced focus on cracking down on London’s gang culture.

              It is believed Trident, the Met’s specialist unit to investigate gun-related murders within the black community, will be at the forefront of the new strategy.

              A Met Police spokesman said: “The Metropolitan Police Service is developing a new strategy to tackle gang-related crime and serious youth violence in London.

              “The new approach will enhance our anti-gang activities, improve co-ordination and tasking, and increase proactive operations, while making sure our skills and expertise in this area are used more consistently and effectively.

              “The new plan will also look at how we can enhance our work with partners to divert young people away from gangs so they are able to make a more positive contribution to London’s communities.”

              The spokesman added: “Trident is a key part of how we tackle gangs and remains responsible for preventing and investigating shootings in London.”

        • Thanks for going … Lol..,

          Albert Hall sized chip …

          Scary you ‘teach’ anything…

          Ps… My verbals were from a group of kids interviewed on the telly …

          Get angry yes… But get angry at the right people …

        • You can’t even seem to research the crap you spout properly. Plenty of weapons in Aikido mate. As for Muay Thai the entire style originated from the use of weapons. Weapons came first then unarmed, in fact you are supposed to use your arms as swords, legs as spears, knees as throwing knives, and elbows as the battle-axe.

  4. What happened to “Robust”? Or is it just until someone moans? I had hoped B H-H was going to have bigger cojones than that but ACPO runs true to form……

  5. You are what you are, I don’t care. Watch the riots again Billy-Bob. How many white yoof do you see? I never made any reference to your colour, just your attitude. Racism comes in many forms from individuals of all colors and creeds. Your inner city school failed in producing ameoba-brained squares. Maybe if they taught truths such as the existance of Septimus Severus etc. The black youth would have been inspired to learn Billy-Bob my old friend. I once again I remind you of your racist, facetious post. I am 100% sure that you described stop and search as a weapon… “Classic Mushashi strategy is to remove your enemies ability to wage war on you” I think you spent too much time on medal of honour etc.
    The yoof you so eloquantly refer to are not your enemy, they are the future of us all, like or not. Coming back down to your level, “to know your enemy is to win the war”-I KNOW YOUR KIND. You are obviously at war with something. Why don’t you put down your uniform, put down your playstation and get to know your enemy. Are you too scared?
    For your ignorance Septimius Severus was the first Roman Emperor born in Africa. He ruled between AD 193 and 211. Although his family was of Phoenician rather than black African descent, ancient literary sources refer to the dark colour of his skin and relate that he kept his African accent into old age. He was an accomplished general who, having defeated his internal enemies in a series of civil wars, went on to victories at the furthest frontiers of the Empire, from Mesopotamia to Britain, where he died, at York (Eboracum) in AD 211.
    Sorry the delay in responding, I was reading humpty dumpty got an difficult exam in the morning. Just a black man trying to better himself…
    As for the chip on my shoulder, it’s actully a acromial fracture.
    I apologise for insulting you, but no matter how small your brain is you have to grow up and realise that your comments are obtuse and would not stand up to any scrutiny anywhere in the 21st century.
    Those days are long gone Billy-Boy.
    Welcome to the future.
    Think before you speak.

    • ”I don’t care…”… lol fine attitude… squares? As opposed to what?

      In my experience-intelligence shines through…no matter what flavour you are…

      Don’t own a play station/xbox etc…

      Don’t play computer games…

      But I do practice Kendo-I learned Mushashi from this…

      For your ignorance Miyamoto Musashi (宮本 武蔵, c. 1584 – June 13, 1645), also known as Shinmen Takezō, Miyamoto Bennosuke or, by his Buddhist name, Niten Dōraku was the greatest sword master of all time…

      He also wrote a book of strategy called ‘a book of five rings’… a highly respected work-used by Japanese businessman today…indeed, in some companies it’s required reading.


      Yup… people that commit crime are the enemy of society… and I am sworn to deal with them… deal…

      I know my enemy. I have spent a fair amount of my career sorting their lives out. I have been a DC dealing with child sex offenders-not one was black. Does that mean I should now
      have an issue with whites?

      The riots had different amounts of demographics depending on where you were… no racial conclusions can be derived from such footage.

      Of course, the figure about pre-offenders is interesting…

      Kids inspired to learn ?

      How about kids just doing what they are told like the rest of us

      Don’t take this the wrong way, but this is England.

      I don’t think it’s unreasonable to suggest that we teach kids English history?

      Stop and search IS a weapon…

      I hope the stop and searches DON’T stop…because lots more black/Asian and white kids are going to be stabbed/shot/be supplied with drugs etc…

      I bet you would then be squeaking that we aren’t doing enough…


  6. The problem I have with stop and search may be historical, but many years ago I was repeatedly stopped by the police. I had not done anything wrong but for a time my face was not liked by the local police, after being stopped four times in three weeks (at the height of this) after many previous stops I certainly built up quite resentment. I would like to add nothing which I have taken into later life. But the fact was that I only felt free of police harassment (rightly or wrongly) when I moved away from London. The reason for this was not just the repeated stops but also consisted of obvious observation (cars slowing to a crawl when passing etc). I Would like to point out that I was never arrested, cautioned or had anything confiscated and was always polite to the offices, often in marked contrast to the offices conducting the search (which never once conformed to PACE).
    I have no direct experience of how stops are conducted now and after a friend went to Hendon I discovered that attitudes and training had changed in the intervening years. But I would not dismiss out of hand the resentment that continued stop and searches can build up, especially when you genuinely have done nothing wrong.
    Having recently come into contact with a number of young men (20s) I have found a lingering resentment and grievance against the police, with stop and search often cited as a reason (they also cite being pulled over, but after seeing some of their driving I am not surprised). This is not among those that resent getting up in the morning, but among intelligent articulate (relatively due to age obviously) men of all ethnicities. These are often just the people who should be on the side of the police or even potential recruits, but they often have a very negative impression of the police.
    I would like to stress that these people are not criminals and do not generally have a bad attitude, they just dislike the police, often citing stop and search. So I can only conclude that based on my own experiences and what I am being told years later, something is still going wrong.

    • I disagree.

      My brother in law had a nice car when he was younger (he has a nicer car now…lol) he was stopped on average at least once a week.

      However, he was driving it at 0200hrs in a high crime area.

      Now, argue what you will, most kids of his age couldn’t afford Porsches… he had a great job and could.

      Thing is…

      When one officer apologised for another stop- he said, “no worries…if some scrote had stolen it I would want the Police to stop them!”

      This obviously got around-as he noted the stops tailed off…

      “I would like to stress that these people are not criminals and do not generally have a bad attitude, they just dislike the police, often citing stop and search”

      Mmmm… you obviously haven’t worked in Bristol then.

      Look…let’s be clear here: the black community has made it plain it is worried about the so called ‘black on black’ violence that takes the lives of how many a year?

      They want weapons off our streets.

      Who will make that happen? The black community? The gangs that want to perpetuate the violence?

      We stop and search people to make this happen and we are attacked by the people that don’t want to give up their knives, guns and drugs.

      The people that are shouting the loudest on the side of the ‘oppressed’ Liberty et al, are VERY far away from the problem…

      You think Chamois Chippy-Butty lives in the East End?

      You think any of her friends are ‘boyz from da ‘hood?’

      I love it when they get all high and mighty… most of them have never seen an angry man.

      As to the low arrest rate per search-Police officers aren’t psychic: they rarely KNOW who is carrying… so we search a lot of people.

      I don’t really think being asked to turn out your pockets a couple of times a week to make the world we live in safer a justification for riots and lawbreaking…

      If kids showed the local cops how friendly they are and showed them the contents of their pockets-they would soon build up a rapport.

      As it stands, if I approach a group of lads and they are instantly aggressive I am not to inclined to be nice back-and will be on my guard.

      As to the question ‘why should they help the Police?’

      As JFK once remarked, “ask not what your country can do for you:ask what you can do for your country”

  7. “… How do you know I am white? As it happens I am not… Lol

    Yes you are!

    You have that picture of your pudgy little white fingers clasping gadget’s mug, remember?

    (You are such a poor liar. because you are stupid and have a poor memory…. the Polski first wife, she was black too was she? . You chump)

    you are a

    • Lol…

      As Obiwan Kenobi once remarked…

      “your eyes can be fooled…don’t trust them…”

      So easy to fool you… So very easy…


      You don’t really think I would use my own hand…god, you ARE thick…

      Advise: stick to what you are good at…

      Being a “C U N-ext Tuesday” … Geddit?

  8. “pudgy little white fingers clasping gadget’s mug, remember?”

    Those digits belong to a frame no taller than 65″, revealing our host as a teller of porkies.

  9. What lives in a sty, can’t fly and wallows in it’s own shiite ALL DAY LONG?

  10. A police officer and scout leader who led a double life as a “predatory paedophile” has been jailed indefinitely.

    Ex-Lincolnshire Pc William Wright persuaded young boys to send indecent photos via the internet and sexually abused members of his scout group.

    Thank God for stop and search,

    • Wow … Shock news !

      Police commit crimes too !

      Fuck me …glad you are here to help us professor …

      I spent five years dealing with child sex offenders… What have you done to help us all Sherlock?


      Wasn’t it the cops that got him?


      Not very good at this are you?

      Ever thought about doing something closer to your educational level?

      Like being a bookies runner?

      • I won’t get drawn into your shit Jackie. Just Know this. You are probably a paedophile too. We all know you are a waffler. You aint a man. Your’e a bunch of words on a screen. Chatting shit ALL DAY LONG. 99% of you pigs are pussies who wouldn’t last 5 minutes without your mates. Hiding behind each other. You don’t do shit. Go back to work then. Why you on here talking about what youv’e done in the past. Get back in the trenches Jackie. Maybe you will make the news-you are straight nerd

        • ‘I won’t get drawn into your shit Jackie.’

          what by replying you mean?


          God this is too easy…

          ‘You don’t do shit’

          Priceless… class act…you are…

          sorry for the poor typing… laughing at you too much…

          ‘99% of you pigs’

          mmmm… well I cant help myself- I have to try to get through your dense skull…

          Treating a group of people you have never met the same because of an attitude you have-is prejudiced behaviour…

          You call Police officers pigs?

          Ergo-you are prejudiced against Police…

          Ergo- you are a knob.


          too hard?

          never mind ‘teacher’ perhaps ‘your people’ will not mind…

          What a complete and utter cunt.

          No other word suits.

          Anyway… rest assured-you won’t be on here again-you are now in the spam queue..,


  11. Confusing Mushashi with Obi Wan Kenobe?


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