Cooking up an excuse?

Disgraced chef Antony Worrall Thompson has raised further fears about his well-being after giving a rambling and erratic TV interview.

The 60-year-old star was recently cautioned for shoplifting cheese and wine from his local Tesco store.

Now, in a pre-recorded interview with chat show host Adrian Chiles, he has admitted he is undergoing counselling to try to find the cause of his behaviour.

Traumatic: In the TV interview, the famous chef revealed sad details of his childhood 

On the That Sunday Night Show – to be screened on ITV tonight – he tells Chiles he blames the incidents on a series of childhood traumas including sexual abuse and being sent to boarding school at three.


Heh… I wondered when the somewhat tired and predictable ”my problem is in my traumatic upbringing…” blag would appear…

It’s not seemly to tell the truth these days…like, ”I did it because I enjoyed the buzz…it made me feel powerful and put meaning back into my empty life…”

kind of thing…

My mate sent me a joke almost immediately the story broke….

”Jamie Oliver can feed your family for a fiver at Sainsbury’s….


Worral Thompson can do it for fuck all at Tesco”




4 responses to “Cooking up an excuse?

  1. He stole cheese and wine……
    and that was just for starters.

  2. I understand he serves lovely cake in his restaurant. It’s stollen.

    I was once told there’s no such thing as a free lunch. There is if you’re using the Anthony Worrall Thompson recipe book.

  3. LOL. Needed that. Thanks..

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