Classic Daily Mail headline…

Eight officers resign over illegal searches of dozens of people using police files

By Russell Myers


Eight police staff have lost their jobs after illegally accessing the confidential records of dozens of people on the Police National Computer.

Of the eight, one police officer and one community support officer (PCSO) are facing criminal charges after an investigation by Essex Police found them guilty of gross misconduct. Another PCSO has been cautioned.

All eight are alleged to have accessed the personal records of members of the public and passed on the information to people outside the force.

Essex Police headquarters in Chelmsford - eight officers have quit the force over illegal searches of police files 

The force launched an inquiry after a whistle-blower told senior officers about ‘routine abuses’ of the computer system, which contains personal information on millions of people.


If you want to get sacked from the Police (as a PC/SRG/INS…higher ranks appear immune to such issue…) simply run your OWN car through PNC… you will be gone in a week…

I love the DM headline ”8-OFFICERS…”


Don’t you mean ”8-Police staff?”

The anti-Police stance and junk these people peddle as ‘news’ never ceases to amaze me…


4 responses to “Classic Daily Mail headline…

  1. Henry Bolingbroke

    i put a comment on this story to precisely that effect. Wonder if they’ll publish it?

  2. Henry Bolingbroke

    Update: they have published it…

    The headline to this piece is deliberately misleading. Eight employees of Essex Police have resigned, only three of whom were police officers; but then, ‘three officers resign’ isn’t as sensational, is it. Another in a long series of slanted, biased and anti-police stories in the Mail, I’m sad to say.

    Mind you, i’ve been liberally red arrowed for simply pointing out the truth, whilst another commenter who essentially said the same was consistently ‘greened’.

    Mail readers; dontcha just love ’em?

  3. DM puzzle page is good. If you want a balanced take on breaking news, it is shite.

  4. I’ve been seeing PCSOs walking around with handcuffs lately, are they actually allowed to carry them? Seeing as they don’t have powers of arrest?

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