Hotels, money, hypocrisy and redundancies…

So… how the mighty fall!

Fall from grace: Derek Smith has been forced to resign from West midlands Police after claiming expenses for a hotel stay with a female colleague

A married police finance chief has quit his £121,000-a-year job over an expenses claim for an unauthorised hotel stay with a blonde female colleague.

Derek Smith, who advised the Government on charging for police services, faced an investigation into the £200 bill.

But the West Midlands Police civilian director of finance and resources resigned before the inquiry – conducted by another force – was completed.

Mr Smith was also a member of the Association of Chief Police Officers and helped lead West Midlands Police’s £750 million cost-cutting drive, involving hundreds of job losses.

An internal investigation into alleged misconduct by the woman, a civilian police worker who is understood to be married, has also been launched. She is not expected to lose her job.

It is not the first time Mr Smith has been at the centre of controversy. In June last year it was reported that a £40,000 BMW 5 Series car – normally used by undercover officers – was stolen from outside his home, raising questions about why desk-based staff had access to emergency vehicles.


The West Mids are normally ‘squeaky clean’ with a super clean image-no small task with the 2nd largest force in the country…

It does show a couple of things in sharp relief though eh?

How much top ranking civvies earn compared to their ‘trenches’ colleagues…


how force cars are misused by those in power.

I tell you now…this is nothing.

raising questions about why desk-based staff had access to emergency vehicles”

Err… because they can and the ordinary officers are too scared to stop them?

It’s a brave person that tells someone of this rank to ‘go forth and multiply’…they will end up being moved…like me.

Don’t forget folks…that car can’t be used say, for REAL emergencies when it’s being used by them…


3 responses to “Hotels, money, hypocrisy and redundancies…

  1. About time the tax free car perk was fully exposed

  2. Heh… people are too scared.

    The fed won’t do it… they are as scared as the rest of us…

  3. I recently mentioned ‘hypocrisy’ and had to look up the spelling. Just saying!

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