Cameron has to appologise over ‘sideboard-gate’ remark!

A sideboard earlier today...

David Cameron was forced to say a big ”sorry-old chap” to Ed ‘twitchy’ Balls after likening him to a ‘sideboard’ in the House yesterday.

”Call me Dave” said the comment was ‘out of context’ and he had nothing against any wooden furniture-indeed, he owns a number of pieces himself.

Mr D Canter, head of the Association of British Sideboard Manufactures and Appreciators Society said the remarks were careless and foolish. “He is so thoughtless sometimes eh? I mean, what kind of hurt and anger could this produce to the many sideboard lovers out there. And, what if a reader owns a sideboard? They are not going to be happy being compared to ‘twitchy Balls’…

D.Canter at his home in Stoke

In an unrelated matter ”Call Me Dave” has been snapped showing his real feelings towards ”twitchy”…

''yeah, that's what you are, that is...''


4 responses to “Cameron has to appologise over ‘sideboard-gate’ remark!

  1. Shijuro. It is disappointing that you’re making light of a serious matter.
    the disabled are being increasingly marginalised by this ConDem government.
    I’ve personally encountered the hate shown by ignorant MOPs towards the disabled and it is very unpleasant.

  2. And Diane Abbott’s Tweet was crass. However White Brits used divide and rule to ensure their power in India!

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