Lol she must want to be sacked..

Di Abbot strikes again… This time tweeting that taxi drivers don’t pick up black people ! Ergo, racist …

Taxi drivers association is NOT impressed and their spokesperson quipped “she may have trouble getting one now…”

Reminds me of an old joke …

What do you get if you cross a gorilla with an MP?

A dumb gorilla…


3 responses to “Lol she must want to be sacked..

  1. She claimed £1000 on expenses on taxi fares. If they won’t pick her up, who did she give it to? I think we should be told!

  2. LOL

    Di Abbott, Queen of the retrospective racists? Hang on, can I say that out loud? As a jew, I am told that I am from an ethnic minority, and effectively I should say as I like. Wait a moment though, I am white, with mousy hair and I wear a yamurlka.

    I dont drive a black cab, though in truth, a less than pleasant passenger like Di Abbott is difficult to envisage.

    Sorry to Shijuros readers, but I have had enough of this race card rubbish. We live here because this country, despite its faults happens to be one of the best in the world for its indulgence, and fairness despite the eccentric quibling of Di ‘the desperate’ Abbott.

    Up to you Ed.

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