Only white people can be racist…err… right?

Labour MP Diane Abbott is facing calls to quit over a remark on Twitter that has been deemed racist against white people.

The shadow minister for public health said during a conversation about the sentencing of Stephen Lawrence’s murderers that ‘white people love to play “divide and rule”,’ adding ‘we should not play their game’.

The tweet came with a hashtag that spelt out ‘tactic as old as colonialism’.

Her comment was made to freelance journalist Bim Adewunmi, another Twitter user who had been commenting about the sentencing of Gary Dobson and David Norris for Stephen’s murder.

Abbott's comment about 'divide and rule' have caused a Twitter storm with users calling for her resignation
a lot of fuss about nothing or Ms Abbott showing her true colours-AGAIN?
We all make faux-pas neh?
Loved her face when being interviewed by the Berghaus Broadcasting Communists in the foyer of the Commons her ‘phone rang…when she looked at the screen her face changed from ‘outrage of being accused of racism’ to ‘oh fcuk…it’s the boss!’

Thing is…

If I had said that about black people-at work-on a social networking site… I would be binned before the ink on my P45 was dry…

No job.
No pension.
Screwed up…
And rightly so…
Any takers for what will happen to Ms Abbott?
Sack? Resign of her own accord? Apologise?
My money is on:
Apols…then Ed’s boys will say ”err Ed this looks like you are going easy on her…’cos she is a black woman…you know what you must do”
He may then sack her…
But I think they will try to let it blow over…
Re: my quiz…answers on a postcard please to:

You’re havin’ a Turkish bath mate,

Nofcukin’ way,



9 responses to “Only white people can be racist…err… right?

  1. I remember watching her on QT a while back and thinking “you useless cow”; she’s a mouthpiece trying to keep string out yet another social movement that frankly has already succeeded (compare modern day to the 1950’s; wouldn’t you say that proportionally and factoring in the change in population size, racism is positively miniscule today compared to 50 or 100 years ago?).

    Mind you it’s not the first time she’s been in trouble; she made anti-white remarks back in the mid 90’s against a few nurses or something similar. Also she took major payments (totalling around £20k) from the BBC back in the early 2000’s for appearing on a program of theirs about racism (nice way to represent your cause, charge around £3-4k per hour of your time to appear on TV championing it).

  2. She has livened up Twitter this afternoon most excellently!

    The best spoof Tweet being:

    @Ed_Miliband: @HackneyAbbott Diane! Diane! Diane!!! Jesus Christ!! Diane! #fenton

  3. I’m struggling to find any reason to condemn her.
    Fact: White British people used divide and rule very effectively to rule colonial India. Have a look at the history books.
    Too much emotion, vengeance and dislike of Ms Abbott clouds the issue. Telling the truth is a defence when accused of libel. Maybe it should be a defence to accusations of racism

  4. I agree that we should all be treated equally. I also reckon that I’m a darned more thick skinned than some of the people who “enjoy” being offended because their sad lives are so empty of real issues to deal with!
    I’m so fortunate that in my former career as a psych nurse I worked with such a sound bunch of people from many parts of the world. Because we worked well as a team, covering each others backs when things kicked off, we had a “black” sense of humour and every race readily insulted each other in jest. The nearest I’ve encountered elsewhere was “squaddie humour”.
    10 years on, the Big Brother attitude would have had every one of us on a final warning or sacked

    • Who do you think ushered in that Big Brother attitude you so despise? Who do you think manufactured outrages to push forward the sort of speech codes that would see you sacked?

      Why, as Shijro points out, people like Diane Abbott. So now, when she’s getting hung by her own petard, there’s little sympathy.

      Live by the sword, better be prepared to die by it.

  5. JuliaM

    Spot on. Why try and defend the indefensible in todays ‘modern society’ unless of course it is an illusion.

    To you Di….

  6. She has had nothing to say for ages. She still has to trot out the the old stuff because she has no new ideas. Like Lee Jasper, while someone is daft enough to listen, keep pushing it.

  7. I’m sure retribution is much more acceptable than racism………….

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