Well start the year as you mean to go on…

More than 900 police officers  continue to serve despite being convicted of crimes including violence, robbery and fraud.

Forces employ policemen and women with criminal records for assault, burglary, supplying drugs and perverting the course of justice.

Among them are several senior officers, including two detective chief inspectors and a chief inspector working for the Metropolitan Police.

Pounding the beat: More than 900 serving police officers and community support officers have a criminal record 


A police officer found guilty of gross misconduct after sending racist and sexist texts is still in his job, Northamptonshire Police has confirmed.

Person sends a text message
The behaviour of the constable was revealed in a Freedom of Information request submitted to the force by a member of the public, which said the officer had been disciplined earlier this year over text messages sent to another officer while off duty.

Although the force insisted it did not tolerate sexism or racism, follow-up questions by the Chron have revealed the officer is still working in the county.

A Northamptonshire police spokeswoman said: ‘We can confirm that this year an officer was found guilty of racially and sexually-related misconduct, which involved the sending of inappropriate texts.

‘It was found that these breached the high standards Northamptonshire Police demands of its officers. Sexist and racist behaviour will not be tolerated on or off duty.

‘The officer in question accepted that the texts were wrong. The panel determined that the matter had not affected the officer’s service to the community and as such the individual concerned has been allowed to continue to serve for the force.’

For such misconduct, an officer could potentially lose their job, but it is only one of a number of sanctions that can be brought, depending on the severity of the case. In each case, previous good conduct and character is taken into consideration.

Anjona Roy, chief executive of Northamptonshire Rights and Equality Council, said knowing a still-serving officer had sent racist and sexist texts could damage public confidence in the force.

She said: ‘Policing is dependent on people’s confidence in officers. They are in a position of power and people have to feel that it won’t be used for unfair purposes.

‘I’d like to see all police standards reports made available where the officer has been found guilty so the public can judge for themselves if they think the punishment is proportionate or not.’

In some cases continuing to employ officers appears to directly contradict Government guidelines which insist on ‘proven integrity’.

Sorry, MPS that deliberately, knowingly and for their own benefit- LIE about 2nd homes to the value of £100,000 and, not only KEEP their job but KEEP THE MONEY TOO are now saying the Police are BENT???

More front than Blackpool.

Whilst I am genuinely surprised at this-in my day even a caution would be enough to stop you applying-it’s not the Police themselves that are to blame…

I would love to see the diversity codes of the officers, to see if there is a link between the flawed and silly ‘positive discrimination’ policy and the gender/IC code of the ‘candidate’…

Now THAT would have been a story DM…


3 responses to “Well start the year as you mean to go on…

  1. You’re probably right. I can think of case after case after case where prospective police officer candidates that would have been binned INSTANTLY for their records, behaviour or conduct were given a pass because of their IC code. Hell one still sticks in my mind particularly to this day; it was a female IC5. She was given ‘passes on the following during her first 12 months at the direct order of the rec. and training dpt heads:

    Caution for assault.

    Caution for driving under etc.

    Third Caution for something else minor that i’ve forgotten.

    Couldn’t fill out her application forms properly; had to do it three times, the third time with someone sat with her helping…

    Failed the roleplays, given the opportunity to retake same day after an 1h coaching session on them (wtf?)

    Failed the ‘restraint’ training, insufficient upper body strength

    Failed fitness (again insufficient) and refused to grapple her partner (male) until given a female partner).

    She then knocked out a tooth of a fellow probie when on a night out (fair enough, silly things happen but seeing the theme yet?) after he (apparently) rejected her advances.

    Made several complaints against other trainees re. supposed sexual comments made (shortly after shagging an AFO!). Pursued those complaints vindicitively until finally told to drop it by my boss as there was 0 basis and evidence as far as we could see.

    Finally once assigned to ‘live’ duties, managed to make a particularly (anti-black actually!) racist remark on duty (i’ll give you a clue, the Americans refer to it as an ‘n-bomb’) to ‘service user’ in front of their kids as she lost her cool.

    Not a single disciplinary in 2.5 years and all of the above; her Sgt was sitness to the above remark and put in paperwork to have her disciplined as she refused to apologise (in front of the ‘service user’. Chief Ins veto’ed said paperwork and told him to sort it directly. One verbal direct bollocking from her Sgt as a substitute for formal action, which earned him a formal complaint from her for bullying ./facepalm.

    Not saying IC1’s don’t do stupid things also; my god they did, but they suffered the consequences, in full, first time. This usually meant the end of their career in the police, or at the very least a formal written warning and full disc. panel. If they weren’t through their probation it was almost always a binning.

  2. The 12 months bit at the top should have said 2.5 years; I remembered a few additional bits!

    • We had a bloke that was the pride of the diversity dept …right up to the moment he beat his girlfriend to a pulp… He twatted two officers in training! Couldn’t read or write that well… Liability …

      But welcome the brave new world … 😉

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