SOOO predictable…

I was (honest!) going to post a question today of how long will it be before the government-via their lapdog media-say the shooting in Peterlee is the fault of the Police.

Too late.

Why did they let ‘suicidal’ gunman keep six weapons? Questions for police after taxi driver kills THREE women

A taxi driver shot dead three women on New Year’s Day after being allowed to keep six guns – even though he had previously threatened to kill himself.

Michael Atherton, 42, was licensed to own the small arsenal despite being investigated three years earlier when officers were tipped off about his mood swings.

On Sunday night, he opened fire at will, killing partner Susan McGoldrick and two of her female relatives before turning the gun on himself.

I would laugh, if it wasn’t for the tragic nature of the case.
The media now take ANY and EVERY opportunity to stick the boot in.
They are contemptible.

3 responses to “SOOO predictable…

  1. I’m pretty sure everyone saw this coming as soon as the police admitted to ‘prior contact’ with the family.

    However, it was three years ago! Last month might have been relevant. Not three years.

  2. What is it about minicab drivers?

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