Pragmatism or cowardice?

More than 130 Metropolitan Police (Met) officers were allowed to resign rather than facing misconducts panels over the last year, figures have shown.

Another 43 were sacked over the same period, the Press Association found.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) previously said forces failed to respond to “far too many” complaints about officers.

However, the head of Scotland Yard standards said it was actually more practical to let some people quit.

Commander Peter Spindler, who heads the force’s directorate of professional standards, also said complaints about Met officers had fallen by 9% in a year.

This was the result of “a lot of hard work”, he added.

Mr Spindler said he hoped people understood that with more than 50,000 employees, there would be corruption in the force.

“We don’t live in a perfect world,” he said.

In many cases “it’s actually more pragmatic to let them resign”, Mr Spindler added.

In October, a PC who worked as an emergency phone operator was sacked for failing to respond to 141 “potentially dangerous” calls, while another officer indecently assaulted a “vulnerable” teenager.

Last month, two officers were dismissed for beating up three men after a car chase, and a trainee detective was sacked after sexually assaulting a vulnerable woman.

A centralised unit has been created in Earls Court, west London, to investigate staff suspected of wrongdoing.

But the disciplinary process was “slow” and officers awaiting hearings were “sitting there” at the taxpayers’ expense in the meantime, said Det Ch Supt Richard Heselden, another anti-corruption detective.

“It’s cheaper and quicker to get them out of the force,” he said.

No sane person would want Police that use their position to curry sexual favours from vulnerable people, use violence against criminals when it’s not necessary or accept bribes etc.

However… I think the IPCC have missed an obvious factor in their ‘far too many complaint’ analysis:

People get upset when you don’t do what they want you to do and upset people lash out at the one group of people it’s really easy to have a go at-the Police.

FFS, we have an entire department of officer who’s job is to INVESTIGATE other coppers!

The climate of fear in my job at the moment is rank.

People scared to go sick because of the threat of being disciplined (true…), officers that don’t talk about anything remotely dodgy in case someone takes offence…

If anyone DARES to try to challenge SMT about their bullying tactics-they end up like me…getting moved 20-miles from my former station.

With hindsight I suspect I may have made a mistake in joining up…



One response to “Pragmatism or cowardice?

  1. Disciplne system is a joke! I know of a good white pc thrown to the wolves for borrowing a bike that was left in backyard ( no other way to ride to where he was Kipling after a late end to aid) bike was stolen from where he was staying. Victim another pc was reimbursed financially still sacked. An Asian Pc scanned his educational certificates an reprinted them with better grades( a straightforward case of fraud) when he applied to join. Matter only came to light during his divorce not charged with any offences misconduct board stated that as he would have been accepted with original grades no case to answer. Another pc after IPCC recommended his dismissal even though complaint( off duty arrest in kebab shop) after only being proven to be lying admitted they were and made the story up toget at pc! The IPCC and whole process isn’t fit for purpose and seems excessive when compared to the criminal and civil courts!

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