Good old melv….

I was reading the DM about thefts from Police stations…when I saw this…

Look for the positive. Not a single canteen radiator went missing.
– Dr Melvin T Gray, huddersfield uk, 28/12/2011 21:25

poor melv…

Police stations don’t have canteens any more,… In fact we haven’t had them for many years…

They were turned into offices for the civvies… who were dumped and no the offices are empty…

Get your facts right before you open your mouth eh?


15 responses to “Good old melv….

  1. A DM reader who knows what they’re talking about? We can only dream.

    Same thing goes for their journalists, actually.

  2. I believe the DM received your rant but decided against publication. As usual, you remain blissfully unaware of parading your own ignorance.

    • Now how would you ‘know’ that?

      Do you work for the DM?

      It would explain a lot…

      However, I feel it is unlikely you work at all…’doc’…

      My ‘rant, BTW, was simply a copy of my post here… lol…

      and since I only sent it this morning… how would you know?

  3. Ahhh MTG, that well known failed politician and academic. We should try and be understanding though. When you fail at everything it is very easy to become bitter and twisted. Once he got that speeding ticket the police naturally became the target of all his bitterness.
    Sometimes you have to reach rock bottom before you can rebuild yourself. When you end up writing comments in the Mail I think it is fair to say that rock bottom has been reached. I sincerely hope that MTG soon finds a path out of his world of despair and somehow finds a way back to the real world and normal society. Either that or just fuck off!

  4. Was Christmas so bad, shij? There was at least one moment of joy….so bring the Year to close by thinking on it or by feigning maturity.

  5. MTG does have an obsession with the phrase “radiator hugging” as i’ve seen it on other blogs as well.Surely only a therapist can help.
    I have to disagree with you though Shij.In the big smoke we still have canteens at all the big divisional stations.Lots of them have been privatised and very few are 24 hours.Can’t speak for the quality of the heating in them though……….

  6. D+C, a clue or a double bluff?????

  7. Guardian Reading English Anarchist Trotskyite.

    Dr Gray has transgressed the rules of re-ification. Plod are like nonces, gathering in like minded groups to re-ify that is, put forward how great they are whilst held by 99% of decent folk to be odious scum.

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